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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/4/213 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/4/213 Review

Last week's show is here:

I only missed 30 minutes tonight so this will be mostly complete!

They played an interview with Rey Mysterio where he said he's beaten Punk before and can do it again. He also said that he's been WWE champion before and knows what to do.

Vickie mocked Cena calling out the Shield tonight and he said he will. Vickie said he had a death wish.

Jericho said he is the best in the world and against Punk he can prove it.

Santino Marella vs Jack Swagger
Booker T is on commentary. He announced that Randy Ortono and Rey Mysterio will be in the camber. Swagger won by Ankle Lock which he now calls the Patriot Act.
Swagger won by the Patriot Act. He asked Booker if he was impressed yet and Booker confirmed he was. I'm excited about Rey Mysterio being in the Elimination Chamber. He's usually good for a cool spot or two.

Alberto Del Rio vs Cody Rhodes
Alberto got no pop whatsoever. I mean nothing.
ADR won in quick fashion with a cross armbreaker. Cody pretty much got squashed and ain't the same with Damien Sandow.
Alberto cut a desperation promo trying to get fans behind him with him saying the fans opened his eyes and he needs their support. He said he wanted to be there for the people who work every single day. Yeah, that doesn't work when you're supposed to be RICH. Imagine like a Donald Trump saying that? Ridiculous.  He said Big Show would pay.
Big show interjected and said he was away in a secure location. He said he wanted a match at the Elimination Chamber.
Big Show said to send a contract to his hotel.

King came out for the voting. Chris Jericho won the poll:

DB and Kane argued in the back and DB asked Kane to stay in the back as he wanted to get into the Elimination Chamber.

Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan
These two had an awesome Raw match last year.
Daniel Bryan beat Rey Mysterio with the No Lock. Good match here with stiffness and some neat moves. Not as good as their previous battles because they didn't have time but it was fun and I liked it. The highlight was Daniel Bryan's new reverse codebreaker like move that he did on Smackdown. Rating:***

After the match, Mark Henry returned and cleared out both men along with Sin Cara:
The return was actually pretty good and made him look strong though I thought it would have been more effective against some bigger dudes, especially some of them who may be in the Elimination Chamber. Loved the close-ups of his faces though. He looked like a scary dude and reminded me of Kimbo. I'm not a Mark Henry fan at all but it was a nice return.

DB went to Kane in the back and was angry he didn't help him. Kane said he promised he wouldn't and he didn't. He said he valued their friendship too much to break a promise and DB said really? Then Kane said,"Hell No".

They did a package on Brock's return last week and though I cut out the recaps here, Raw has been recap crazy tonight. I bet they spent minimum 10 minutes on them so far.

The announcers announced that Vince McMahon had a broken hip in last week's Brock attack and that he will have hip replacement surgery. This is a little different from the original story of a broken pelvis.

Big Show ordered food in his hotel and refused to tip the waiter. He said, "Want a tip? Get a better job".

Sheamus vs Kane
They announced that Daniel Bryan will be in the Elimination Chamber due to his win over Rey Mysterio.
Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick when DB came down and bothered Kane. I'm pretty sure they are breaking up Team Hell No. WWE seems to be in tag team break-up mode and I think they are next. As for the match it wasn't bad. Kane got more in on Sheamus than expected and looked even with Sheamus at times. I think we all saw DB coming down, but it makes sense.

MizTV with Paul Heyman
Heyman quickly interrupted Miz and called him Mr. Mizanin.
Heyman said he tried to stop Brock Lesnar and wished that Mr. McMahon would be well soon.
They argued until Vickie Guerrero came out.
Vickie said she resigned Brock at Raw Roulette last week to impress Vince McMahon.
They asked for an in-ring prayer for Vince McMahon.
Ivan Dragon kills Apollo Creed anyone?
Brock had enough during this argument and came out and cleared house. He threw out Miz hard then threw movie set chairs at him and threw couches with an F5 on Miz. Awesome segment. Watching Miz get beat up by Brock is a dream come true for me. Oh and give Paul Heyman a raise. He is the best performer right now.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
"This underdog has a bite." - Bo Dallas
They talked about Wade Barrett's scar at the Battle of Buda in Budapest which was a bare knuckle fighting tournament. They said he was attacked after which gave him a foot long scar near his triceps and his neck and said he kept the purse from winning the tourney.
Randy Orton beat Wade Barrett in another quick match with an RKO. Not much to it I'm afraid and it was similar to their Smackdown match that Wade lost quick too. I have no idea what  they are doing with Wade Barrett, but if this is a push, he should ask for it to stop. He's really been looking like a goof.

They did a Fandango promo with Johnny Curtis saying Fandango in slow motion. Is he ever going to debut?

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

Punk called the fans a bunch of marks on camera.
CM Punk beat Chris Jericho clean with a Go 2 Sleep. Good match here with the crowd loving it. Some pretty decent work here and overall it was a nice main event. Punk really pasted Jericho with a hard kick at one point.

They did a feature on Bruno Sammartino in the WWE Hall of Fame:
Vince Sr even talked about how Bruno was such a great professional
Bruno wins the WWWF title to start his 8 year reign
Bruno Sammartino meets the Pope
Punk got interrupted by Striker who said he was sorry to bother him. Punk then asked why he would bother him if he was sorry for it? He then said that The Rock was a thief and he'd get his title back at the Elimination Chamber.

Cena said he would do the impossible and push The Shield back tonight. He said his winning of the Royal Rumble was impossible which is laughable.

Alberto Del Rio beat up Big Show at his hotel. The delivery guy tried to warn Show but he wouldn't listen:
Alberto with the fire extinguisher...again. I love how this is becoming his trademark weapon, like HHH and the sledgehammer.
"Sorry about my friend. He ate some bad mexican food." - Alberto Del Rio
Brad Maddox came out and said he gave Vince McMahon the footage of Paul Heyman beating him up and ratted him out. He said he wanted to teach The Shield about justice.
Cena and crew scared The Shield off and they left in the crowd to end the show. The faces entered this thing through the crowd to mock them. The end segment was flat overall and there was little fighting and we've been here before.

Overall thoughts: Good show but long. There were 2 decent matches and Paul Heyman was awesome.

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