Sunday, February 3, 2013

WWC Super Estrellas TV 2/2/2013 Review

WWC Super Estrellas TV 2/2/2013 Review

Last week's shows are here:
Show 1 -
Show 2 -

Chicano vs Samson Walker
Chicano got the surprise win here in seconds. Not much else to say here.

Chicano got attacked by Walker after and mainly got punched with a weapon multiple times:
Walker loads up with a weapon.

AJ Castillo and Jay Vélez vs. Thunder and Lightning
Lightning pinned AJ Castillo with a 3D. Decent match here with an old school flare with lots of headlocks and the faces making their hot comeback.

"Mr. Ray-tings" Ray González vs. Savio Vega
 Ray González chops Savio Vega
Ray González takes a Louisville Slugger to the head
Savio Vega wins after a bat shot...or does he?
Victor Jovica overturns the ruling!
Ray González beat Savio Vega after Victor Jovica overturned the decision. Decent match here with some alright brawling.Hard to say much else about this since it was mostly punches but it wasn't bad and held my attention. I would have liked a clean finish though.

Overall thoughts: Thunder and Lightning plus Savio Vega make this a decent episode of WWC. Not must see, but if you catch it, it's not bad.

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