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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/25/2013 Results and Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/25/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

From now on, I should be able to cover all of Raw without any problems.

Vince McMahon came out to call out Paul Heyman.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for The Ultimate Fighter, Paul Heyman." - Vince McMahon

"I assure you that I am all man." - Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman was called "The Ultimate Fighter" and said this would be a "one legged man in an ass kicking contest". He said," You have as much chance against me as Tony Romo does leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl".

Brock gets busted open

Brock Lesnar is bloody.
Heyman got the early advantage taking Vince down by the knee and hitting him with the crutch. Vince got the crutch, returned the shot and Brock Lesnar came down. They stared each other down and HHH and Brock got into it. They brawled all over and Brock got busted open hardway with tons of blood on the side of his face. HHH got the advantage and sent Brock Lesnar packing.

Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

I don't know why there are so many pictures of Ryback's mouth.

Ryback jobbed out Dolph Ziggler. He threw him all over the place and Dolph is seriously going to be sore tonight. He bumped like a crash test dummy. Good match though with Zig making Ryback look like a force again.
They played a commercial for a movie with David Otunga in it.

CM Punk came out to talk.

He said tonight is not about John Cena or The Rock.
CM Punk said the night was about him and said, "I am god".

Donald Trump was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Great Khali vs Mark Henry
My only hope for this is that it is short.
Mark Henry beat The Great Khali in seconds with a World's Strongest Slam. Thank. God.

We got a Fandango promo. It said Fandango premiere's this Friday on Smackdown.

MizTV with Zeb Coulter, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger
The Miz's mic went out.
Zeb Coulter said he invited Glenn Beck but he didn't show up.
He did his usual bit about illegal immigrants. Miz called Zeb Coulter - Zebby. Zeb Coulter called Ricardo Rodriguez "Little Slingblade".
 Alberto said this country belongs to everyone and said he's no different from Zeb and Jack. Alberto brought up how Zeb and Jack's families are immigrants as well.
Alberto Del Rio tried to challenge Jack Swagger to make him leave and Jack said, "We will see you at Wrestlemania. We the people".

Zeb Coulter said he didn't like the way Miz conducted the interview during the break and Swagger floored him.

Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro

They said next week is Old School Raw. Cole asked King if he watched Smackdown and King definitely lied when saying yes.

Orton won with an RKO. Cesaro went for his middle rope twisting forearm and Orton caught him for the RKO in a really cool spot out of nowhere. That was totally DDP style.

Kane and DB talked in the back. DB said he could beat the Prime Time Players blindfolded. Kane said he could beat them with one hand tied behind his back. Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero of Team Brickie heard it and signed the match to those stipulations. Maddox kept repeating Vickie. DB said he wouldn't be able to see and Vickie said that's the point!
WWE replayed John Cena being Jack Nicholson from a few good men from Wrestlemania 21. They did vignette's and knockoffs of famous Hollywood movies for WM 21.
They showed a longer version of this segment than what aired back in the day. The original clip was only seconds long. It wasn't one of my favorites because I never saw the movie. The best one from the bunch was HHH as Braveheart and Flair as his lackey. Flair went "Woo" to a horse which was hilarious.

They signed The Miz vs Jack Swagger.

Sheamus' Oscar Snubs
Sheamus wore a tuxedo and said he was a movie lover.
He said Wade Barrett was snubbed for Best Actor in his role in Dead Men Down. Well, this was an interesting way to plug the movie.

He said he didn't realized Wade Barrett was in the clip until someone told him. He said he was so out of focus.

Wade Barrett came down and said Sheamus was jealous.

He said he'd be at the world premier while Sheamus would be at a sleazy Irish bar.
Sheamus made fun of Wade Barrett's nose and Wade left due to not wanting to get messed up for the movie premiere.

R-Truth vs Cody Rhodes
Sandow said, "Cody is a grown man. He can name his mustache whatever he wants. Sandow had no idea what a bromance was.
Truth got the win out of nowhere and then him and Sandow exchanged some shots before Sandow went off.
Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger did a promo on jobs and illegals taking them.

Daniel Bryan and Kane vs The Prime Time Players

Daniel Bryan wrestled blindfolded and Kane has his arm tied behind his back due to them saying they could beat the PTP's like that earlier in the show.

Team Hell No got the win with a chokeslam. What a joke. What was the point of this? I know Darren Young is hurt but did you really have to kill the PTP's like this? I swear WWE can't help themselves to embarass someone and make them lose all credibility.

They had an awful commercial with a guy turning back his daughter Amanda's dates. There was a hippie and a greaser but of course he lets the guy in the WWE shirt come in. Note to anyone who would ever like to get a date, DO NOT WEAR A WWE SHIRT ON YOUR DATE.

The Shield came out.

They said they couldn't be beaten.
Sheamus tried to get them to come up the ramp and fight him, then Orton came from behind and took out Rollins with an RKO.

They did a weird WWE Old School Promo for Raw next week showing some old guy doing disco, then cutting to a logo for the show.

Jack Swagger vs The Miz

Jack Swagger got the win with the Patriot Act. I liked Jack's ankle lock and I liked how Miz somehow caught himself in the ropes. The match wasn't bad at all and it looks like Swagger will not punished for his DUI which is amazing.
King was eating Sonic food. Cole said all the hot air from Swagger was making him hungry. Uh, ok? Wasn't King told not to eat this stuff anymore from his doctors?

Triple H did his first ever tout and he said he would be back. They said it took 18 staples to close Brock Lesnar's cut.

We got some touts from fans. This one had a dog.

Cena said they would soon enter Thunderdome in Dallas. Make your WCW Cage Match joke now.
Cena said he is back and said he is serving humble pie and hopes all his critics are hungry. King seemed pretty hungry. King then said the Punk match would be Cena's most important match, which I disagree with. They then pimped Chris Jericho's  Robot Combat League.

Winner fights The Rock at Wrestlemania XXX - John Cena vs The Rock

John Cena got the win with a AA. Heck of a match here. This was a legit main event and had awesome heat. This felt like a big deal and was a big deal. Tons of cool stuff here. Punk did a nasty piledriver and Cena busted out the hurracanrana. This was great stuff and was well done. Rating:****


Overall thoughts: The show had some clear ups and downs. The main and the opener were very good but the Team Hell No tag was awful booking wise. However, there was alot more good than bad here and this is worth a look.

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