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WWE NXT 2/14/2013 Review

WWE NXT 2/14/2013 Review

Mike Dalton vs Axl Keegan
"Wait a minute, what is this?" - Tony Dawson
"Summer Rae, this show isn't going to go on until you get in the ring with me." - Paige

"Young lady, you need to get out of my ring. You need to leave." - Dusty
"Ref, get her out of there." - Dusty
"This is not your show anymore, this is my show. I'm the first lady of NXT." - Summer Rae
 Dr. Sampson was working on Paige's arm and they announced Paige vs Summer Rae for tonight.

Alex Riley vs Corey Graves
Graves put Riley in the 13th Step a few weeks ago to lead to this. You can check it out here:

"What more do you want out of a superstar? I love Corey Graves. He has the air of a menace when he steps into the ring." - Regal
"We call that the Gator Hold." - Regal

Corey Graves got the win with The 13th Step. Pretty much a long squash here with Corey working the Gator Hold almost the whole match. The match wasn't bad but pretty much only just a squash.

Paige vs Summer Rae
The finish
Summer Rae won in an insanely quick match with a spin kick. There was nothing to this and I didn't buy into this one at all. Way to job out the most popular person on NXT.

Sasha Banks got another secret admirer letter:
"Beauty so rare deserves more fanfare. Romance is near so I must ask my dear. For the ? to be great, ye must wait." - Admirer
They announced Big E Langston vs Conor O'Brian next week and pushed Conor as "Ascension's only remaining member" and a post-surgery interview with Tyson Kidd.

NXT Tag Title Tournament Final for the NXT Tag Titles - Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey of British Ambition vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper of The Wyatt Family
"Nobody believes in you. We are bigger than you.We are stronger than you. We are dangerous, we are monsters, we are undefeatable. Tonight, the world gets what the world wants. Call the buzzards." - Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt gets thrown out
Adrian Neville got the win for his team with the corkscrew shooting star press. Good match here with pretty much everyone waiting for Neville to enter and hit his big stuff. Neville got the hot tag near the end and ended up taking care of business for the win. This was definitely a good effort by everyone involved and the crowd was into it.
"Unbelievable. We are the first NXT Tag Team Champions!" - Adrian Neville

Overall thoughts:
The show wasn't great or anything but NXT always makes title changes seem like big deals and they did it again tonight.  Even though British Ambition is new, they are already over and getting reactions, pretty much all due to Neville. You can probably get by just by seeing the title match.

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