Saturday, February 9, 2013

WWE Superstars 2/9/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 2/9/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Okay, they were talking about Zack Ryder, but Striker's face matches my feelings for Tony Dawson.

Zack Ryder vs Heath Slater
"Drew McIntyre looks like Dusty Rhodes about to go into a Texas Death Match." - Matt Striker
"I'm more of a craigslist/adultfriendfinder type of guy." - Matt Striker

Zack Ryder has the internet championship on his tights.

The finish

Zack Ryder got the win with a Rough Ryder. The match was alright and about what you would expect with these two. Ryder's tights were clearly the highlight though.

Justin Gabriel vs Damien Sandow
"My crusade starts tonight. Commencing with the dismantling of you." - Sandow
"To me, something dangerous is taking videos out and not rewinding them." - Matt Striker
"Who still rents VHS cassettes?" - Dawson
Sandow got the win with the Terminus. Nothing too special here but it was fine for what it was. Dawson was really into it, to the point of making it seem that he had no idea what he was doing. Gabriel held his knee off of an asai but I guess he was okay.

Overall thoughts: Nothing really worth seeing here but it was fine for what it was.

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