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Ring of Honor TV 2/16/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 2/16/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Caleb Seltzer, Truth Martini and Kevin Kelly are your announcers

Veda Scott tried to interview Tadarius Thomas but QT Marshall interrupted:
QT interuppted when TD called him QT Marshall. He said, it's pronounced Mar-shall. QT tried to talk more and TD said to knock himself out because TD will knock him out once they get into the ring. TD probably should get a manager as his voice doesn't fit him.

Top Prospect Tournament - QT Marshall vs Tadarius Thomas
Truth said that QT has been hungry and he likes to call him "Cutie Marshall". I can tell you, Cutie Suzuki he is not.
Truth Martini had meditation balls in his hand and he invited Kevin Kelly to play with his balls. Is Truth working a bisexual gimmick?
QT tries to start his own chant for himself
The pin
Tadarius Thomas beat QT Marshall with a tiger suplex. Decent match here with TD looking the best he looked yet. TD strung together his kicks fast which made them look more lethal and less akward. He did various types of handstand kicks and half-cartwheel kicks. It wasn't a bad showing for QT Marshall either but I can't help but think he is really not that special. The tiger suplex finish was pretty stiff and nice. Not bad overall and the right man won. Rating:**3/4

Veda Scott tried to interview Kevin Steen. She asked about the Jay Lethal match and said, "Can I have your thoughts?". Kevin Steen replied, "No".

Jimmy Jacobs was up next and said that SCUM would be C&C. He said, "We beat the odds, we beat the gods". Steve Corino then said it would be good vs evil and "evil always wins".

They had some kind of deal at a local car dealership with Charlie Haas and BJ Whitmer. They didn't explain it too much but basically, Charlie Haas was late and not allowed to do whatever he was going to do. BJ Whitmer told him to shut up and Haas took a shot at him, and they got into it:
Charlie Haas threw BJ Whitmer into a car and BJ's shoulder broke the window. Must have not been a good window. Charlie then put BJ into the car halfway and slammed the car door on him. Charlie then threw him over the front of the car and hit an angle slam on the hood. Charlie flicked off everybody and left BJ laying. I always like fights in non-wrestling places and I really liked this one.

Nick Westgate and Brian Fury vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
C&C won by DQ when Rhino and Corino ran in and gored them. This was all squash with C&C showing their stuff until the interference. C&C hit a big springboard splash and a double team leg lariat and that's about it.
Steve Corino got on the mic and said that evil was coming to Chicago Ridge at the iPPV. He said Ring of Honor will become Ring of SCUM.

Silas Young said he was the last real man in wrestling and would break Matt Taven with his Stock Lock.

Charlie Haas cut the GREATEST shilling promo ever. He said he hates Valentine's Day but said you can buy his shirt at the ROH store. He then said, "if it is sold out, don't worry, because you can buy the rest of this crap too" and pointed to ROH dvd's. Okay, Charlie Haas ain't going to be on the home shopping network anytime soon, but man was he awesome here. He may be my favorite character in wrestling right now.

Matt Taven said he was on a path to the TV title and Silas Young was in his way.

Truth Martini told us all to "sit back, relax and take your pants off because it is time to get off".

Top Prospect Tournament - Silas Young vs Matt Taven
Matt Taven wins
Matt Taven got the win with a surprise roll-up off a backbreaker combo. Good match here. The highlights were Taven getting bodyslammed to the floor and Taven doing a big moonsault to the outside. I also enjoyed Young's reverse curbstomp and his facials as a whole. Taven does have some skills and looked good but he may be better in another place where there won't be so many guys who do similar things to compete with. Young even though he lost should probably be getting a ROH run because he is definitely on level. Fun match here and now the finals will be Matt Taven vs Tadarius Thomas. Rating:***

Inside Ring of Honor
Inside ROH is my least favorite part of ROH TV, but I don't think it is going away anytime soon.

They showed some clips of Matt Hardy vs BJ Whitmer at ROH Defy or Deny 2.
Hardy got the win when Titus threw in the towel for BJ Whitmer. Hardy tried to get a title shot after and called out Adam Cole.
Gangsta Adam Cole
They got into it and Hardy decked Cole with the title. He then took the belt and left.
Adam Cole cut a promo and said Hardy was just living off his name. Cole said Hardy brought out the angry side of Cole and Cole will rip him limb from limb.

Charlie Haas then interrupted a Nigel interview. He thought WGTT should be in a title match.
Charlie Haas said he was so confident his team could beat The Briscoe's that Haas bet his team. Nigel agreed to the title match with the stip that if WGTT loses, they can't team in ROH again.

The Briscoe Brothers then cut a promo:
Mark called Bobby Fish "Bobby the Fish" and then said  "Kyle Oh Oh Oh Oh O'Reillyyyyy" in rap form. He said they have only been teaming for 5 minutes and they are going to school them.
Jay said,"Dag gone, I hate to break up such the superstar tag team Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Mr. Monday Night and WWE Tag Team Titles my ass".
Mark then said, "We got a job for you though. Y'all can shovel chicken manure and pick up dead chicken's of Big Man chicken farm". Jay said, "Big Man got plenty of work for ya. Hell with the tag team".
They then announced Matt Taven vs Tadarius Thomas for next week to add to WGTT vs The Briscoe Brothers.

Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs
Steve Corino was at the booth for this.
Steve Corino said that everything SCUM has done has benefitted ROH. I totally would have loved for Kelly to press Steve on that to see how spitting on Jay Lethal's mom would benefit ROH. That would have been gold. Corino then said he likes Seltzer because he speaks English. He said he said that because he "just hates Nigel McGuinness".
Corino then said, "When I met and dated Ms. Lethal, she was pure heart and pure soul. Then she met Mr. Lethal and they produced this kid".
"Yeah, I hate Jay Lethal." - Steve Corino
"Me too Steve, me too." - Me
Steve questioned the ref's speed on a count and said, "You are so slow. Did you go to the Paul Turner school of counting?".

Jay Lethal got the win with the top rope elbow drop. Short but decent match here with some action and the highlight being Jacobs doing a tope to a chair on the outside. It wasn't anything special but it was fine for what it was and I have no real complaints.

Rhino attacked after but he was met by Caprice Coleman. He got gored. Steen came down seemingly to add into the beatdown, but he stopped SCUM from doing further damage and tried to help Lethal up.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Some decent matches, funny commentary, CHARLIE HAAS and a cool parking lot brawl. Alot went down here and I enjoyed the show.

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  1. Opener was average because QT sucks. It's good that he lost. Second match of tournament was better but not as much, as it could be. Main Event was OK but Jay and Jimmy should have more time, then they could do better. And Haas/Whitmer brawl was interesting.