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CMLL on 2/24/2013

CMLL on 2/24/2013

Amapola was interviewed to start the show. Estrellita was there as well and they dueled each other on the mic.

Freesbe & Génesis vs Guerrero Negro Jr. & Ramstein
1st - Slow and uninteresting fall for the most part. Tecs got the first with a la silla from the top and a tequila sunrise variation.

2nd  - Genesis ate a dropkick on the outside early in this. Genesis then after some nasty GNJ slaps. Ramstein did a frogsplash and almost fell to eliminate Genesis. GNJ then hit a powerbomb followed by a nudo for the rudos win.

3rd - Totaly stupid finish with GNJ using a strap and getting DQ'd! Who thought of that? The crowd was shocked as the tecs won.  GNJ got interviewed after and wasn't pleased.

This was not an interesting one at all. Pretty lame for an opener with a nice stupid finish to get us off to a cold start.

Hombre Bala Jr., Stigma, Super Halcón Jr. vs Artillero, Súper Comando, Taurus
WARNING - I have a habit of messing up Commando and Artillero. I can never keep those two straight.

1st - There was a decent exchange with Bala and Taurus.  Stigma did a standing 450 over Commando then got a sunset flip to eliminate him. Bala hit a split legged moonsault on Taurus to get the fall for the tecs.

2nd - Artillero stripped Halcon of his shirt. Rudos then triple teamed Halcon. Taurus hit a sit out body tombstone to take out Bala and get the fall for the rudos.

3rd - Stigma took out Commando early and then got subbed with an over the shoulder rack. Bala did a nice jumping double knees onto to Taurus then did a SPANISH FLY off the apron. Ouch. Halcon grabbed the pin with a corner smash for the tecs as Taurus got stretchered out.

Good match here with the 3rd really making it come alive.

The tecs got interviewed after.

Dalis la Caribeña, Dark Angel, Estrellita vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
1st -  Estrellita tried to jump Amapola and Ama came through the crowd and jumped her! Neat. Estrellita mostly got trampled here by Ama and crew and took a giant smack in the butt from Blanca. Estrellita did a plancha onto Ama on the outside. Dalis and Angel got submissions to take the 1st.

2nd - Dalis hit a splash off the top and Blanca ate a kick to the butt. Estrellita did a nice arm dragon from the top and got triple stompaed by the rudas. Sugheit and Black pulled Estrellita's hair and went nuts on Estrellita who they gave the fall to for excessive violence.

The match wasn't bad. They kept it action packed and there was tons of hate.

The technicas got interviewed after but I couldn't get it unfortunately, so don't look for it on the dailymotion upload. Dark Angel looked really good though. Fredo says that Estrellita says that Estrellita will beat Amapola.

Namajague and Okumura got interviewed after. Nama refused to talk.

Lightning match - Ángel de Oro vs Ephesto 
Angel hit a tope con giro early. He later followed it with a moonsault to the floor and a stnading moonsault. Ephesto is pretty much his whipping boy at this point. Angel ended up getting a laying pendulum submission for an easy night.

Fuego, Máximo, Stuka Jr. vs Namajague, Niebla Roja, Shigeo Okumura
1st - Stuka got jumped during his entrance and we got total chaos.  Roja took the 1st on Maximo in no time at all. 

2nd - Fuego did a dive to the outside and Stuka did a twsiting splash onto Nama. Maixmo then got a out of nowhere win on Roja.

3rd - Maximo did an apron plancha. He then did a tope. Fuego took a hard powerbomb and Stuka lost to a Okumura brainbuster.

Atlantis, La Sombra, Mistico vs Averno, Rey Escorpión, Volador Jr.
1st - Didn't catch this due to an internet outage but the rudos won.

2nd - Mistico did a huge assisted hurracanrana to the outside and Atlantis toped Averno. Sombra did a double moonsault on Volador for the fall.

3rd - Quick action here with all the heels taking backbreakers and Rey getting a huge monkey flip. Volador did a tope con giro and Mije got thrown out onto Volador. Mistico did a top rope armbar for the with a La Atlantida.

Pretty good match here with tons of flying everywhere and Mistico looking good.

Overall thoughts: It was a good show. Only the opener was bad but the rest was fine.

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