Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 2/24/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 2/24/2013

The first show of the weekend is here:

AJ Castillo vs Diabolico
+1 for the eyebrow stretch
Diabolico got the win with a belt shot to the head where the ref couldn't see. The match wasn't bad. Diabolico is a decent enough heel as AJ is a face. I totally marked for Diabolico stretching AJ's eyebrows. That is just a level of attention to detail that you don't see much these days.

They announced Carlos Colon vs Invader #1, in 2013. I don't know how old Invader is, but he's been a pro since 1966. So we are probably looking at a combined age of over 110 here.

Clasicos de la Lucha Libre - WWC Anniversary Show 1988 - Rufus R. Jones and Jimmy Valiant vs The Wild Samoans
The faces got the win after Valiant got tossed over the top and the Samoans got DQ'd. I swear half the matches on that show must have been bs finishes. The match legit wasn't that bad. The Samoans were believable and Jones had some charisma to him.

Barrabás Jr. vs Zcion
Zcion got the win with a rollup. Thank God WWCPRTV on youtube puts up the names of some of these guys or I would be dead. Not much happened here as this was very clipped. We got about 3 minutes total. After the match, Barrabas Jr. pushed the ref around and the ref seemed to be getting upset. Watch for the ref getting involved next time those two are together.

Carlito Carribean Cool and Invader #1 fooled around in the WWC offices some and talked.

Ray González vs. El Súper Fenix
Savio Vega interferes
El Súper Fenix got the win with a TKO. Not a bad match at all here. Ray constantly went after Fenix's mask and they did some decent brawling. Savio ended up coming in with his bat though and it spelled the end for Ray Gonzalez. This was basic and fun pro wrestling and we definitely haven't seen the end of this.

El Wizard Analiza hyped up the next WWC card from the men's toilet. No I'm not joking:

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed the show. Two of the matches were pretty decent but I don't think hyping shows from the men's toilet is a great idea.

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