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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/15/2013 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/15/2013 Review

Big Show came out to talk:
He talked about how Alberto Del Rio has never pinned him. He said he'd turn his fiesta into a siesta.

Chris Jericho came out.
Show wondered why Jericho was out here and told him to stay away. Jericho said he could be fighting Show at Wrestlemania if he wins the Chamber.

"I'm trying to do you a favor Chris. Don't make me hurt you." - Show
Booker came down, like always.
He signed Jericho vs Show tonight since it may not happen at Wrestlemania.
"I hate you." - Show
Striker tried to interview Orton about facing Mark Henry, then Henry walked in.
Orton said nothing and the match is on!

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry
Orton got DQ'd for using a chair to Henry's gut. Not real sure why he did it, but he did. This is one of my nightmare matches, so I really didn't enjoy this one much since I don't think I've ever seen a Mark Henry match I liked in 16 years. Love him on promo's though. If you are into Henry matches though, maybe you will like it. After he match, Mark blocked a chairshot and hit a World's Strongest Slam.

Henry talked to Striker backstage:
"You ain't interviewing me. Just listen." - Mark
"I've been home 9 months, frustrated about my return and it's official, The Hall of Pain is open for buisness and it's been getting full as of late." - Mark
"They're gonna lock 5 superstars in the elimination chamber, with ME. I suggest they have law enforcement handy. The national guard, the army, the marines, the navy, they're gonna need it because nobody and I mean nobody, is stopping my road to Wrestlemania." - Mark Henry

Layla vs Tamina Snuka
They said Snuka is the #1 contender to the diva's title. Layla hasn't been around much lately.

They had a really weird exchange with Josh and JBL here. Josh made a joke about JBL not wishing him Happy Valentine's Day. JBL was like, "you want me to send a text, saying what? Happy Valetine's Day. I heart you?". "What exactly do you want from me? That is the silliest thing I have ever heard in my life".
Tamina got the win with a Superfly Splash. The match wasn't bad at all and I really liked the apron spot. Layla is usually a pretty good worker.

The Rock came out to talk:
"Running off with the Rock's title doesn't make you a champion. All you did was make a trade. And the trade was holding on to The Rock's belt for 6 days in exchange for an ass kicking that's gonna haunt you for the rest of your life." - The Rock
CM Punk interrupted:
Punk claimed he didn't steal the title and said he would win Sunday. Rock brought up how Punk still lost even after paying off The Shield and said that Punk will realize that he failed Monday morning.
He called Punk a spoiled little boy and said he would win and then go onto Wrestlemania.

3MB vs Brodus Clay and Tensai
"Brodus Clay just passed his physical. Turns out his blood type is gravy." - JBL
Brodus Clay got the win in a squash with a splash. This was a waste of time and junk. They danced after until The Shield came down.

They took care of buisness quick and took out both dudes.
Ambrose said they would put Cena and crew on trial and they will be sentenced.

Cody Rhodes vs The Miz
Miz was taped up from Cesaro's beatdown on Monday. JBL said he liked the breakup of The Rhodes Scholar's. Seems he is the only one.
Miz won quick with a Figure Four. Not much going on here and it was only a few minutes long. Me thinks Cody doesn't like the breakup of The Rhodes Scholars. You'd think Dusty could have taught him a counter to the figure four sometime, since he knows all about it.

Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger with Zeb Coulter
They said Zeb Coulter was in the Vietnam war with Jack Swagger's Dad, Bunkhouse Buck Swagger.
Swagger won with a Patriot Act. This was all squash and Jack picked apart the leg before getting the win. Swagger's new mannerism's are similar to Orton's.

They talked after and established the line "we the people".  There was little racist stuff and more about being a great American like Coulter and Swagger.

ADR and Ricardo did a quick promo where they said Si alot, including if ADR would win on Sunday. The answer to that was of course, si.

Big Show vs Chris Jericho
Big Show got the win with the KO punch. I wasn't really impressed by this. It was okay, but I've never cared for the Jericho/Show pairing. They only had about 7 minutes anyway so there is just so much you can do. Something is also up with Jericho's chest now as it appears he is sagging.

Alberto stared down Show to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Boring show here with nothing too interesting happening. It pretty much failed as a go home show, but I'm sure that makes no difference whatsoever. I honestly thought the diva's match was the best match on the show which should tell you about the quality of this one. Skip it.

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  1. I thought the first Randy/Henry match from Night of Champions and the Survivor Series match with Henry/Big Show were quite good