Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jack Swagger arrested

Jack Swagger was arrested today for speeding, possession of marijuana and a DUI.

My take:
This is a legendary screw up. It reminds me of Rob Van Dam and Sabu getting in trouble during Rob Van Dam's title reign. RVD had finally got the break he had been waiting for, and it all got flushed down the toilet. This is going to have similar consequences for Jack Swagger, only much worse simply due to timing. RVD wasn't going to be in a Wrestlemania main event, but Jack Swagger is supposed to be.  Jack Swagger just blew arguably the biggest or second biggest push of his career and he likely will not be at Wrestlemania, at all.

I imagine that the outcome of this won't be good. I would assume that he will lose his Wrestlemania title match ASAP. While I doubt he was going to win, it was going to be a big payday and he would be in the spotlight. Now, he is in the spotlight for negative reasons. Vince usually does not reward people for screwing up when on top, unless your name is Randy Orton. I can't see Swagger getting the Orton treatment, but I definitely can see him getting the Orton treatment.

What is worse about this is that Dutch Mantel aka Zeb Coulter is going to lose his job over this too. Zeb Coulter was not really working and now he has no reason to be around. They could pair him with someone else, but why bother when he wasn't over anyway? His gimmick really would applicable with any other people on the roster.

This is a bad day for Jack Swagger and the WWE and I am interested to see what comes of this. All I know is that it won't be good.

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