Friday, February 1, 2013

WWE Superstars 2/1/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 2/1/2013

Last week's show is here:

Matt Striker and "Mr. Chinlock" Tony Dawson are your commentators

The Uso Brothers vs Primo and Epico
"We should come up with a cool entrance like that. When I say Tony, you say Dawson." - Matt Striker
"You ever get those text messages where you don't know who they are from? Lately, I've been getting messages saying - hola papi, hola papi. Could be Carlos Cabrera, could be Rosa Mendese." - Matt Striker
"Knock it off." - Primo
"This came about because the Uso's were clamoring for a shot at Team Hell No and Primo and Epico took offense to this and said, let's settle it in the ring." - Matt Striker
The Uso's got the win with the Samoan Splash. Good match here as expected. Lots of cool facials by Primo and Primo catching himself on the top rope was something to be seen. Good stuff here. Rating:**3/4

Kofi Kingston vs Michael McGillicutty
I swear, before this started I said to myself, "I bet his opponent is Michael McGillicutty".
The finish
Kofi Kingston got the win with the Trouble in Paradise kick. Kind of a short match but a good one as expected. I really liked the finish and Kofi was good with his highflying. Mike didn't get to do much, but he has a job atleast. Basic but decent. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: They went 2 for 2 with two decent matches. Can't go wrong here with this one!

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