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TNA Impact Wrestling 2/14/2013 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 2/14/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Hulk said there would be four singles matches to determine the #1 contender at Lockdown with RVD vs James Storm, Christopher Daniels vs Magnus, Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries.

He announced a Lethal Lockdown match with Ace's and 8's vs Team TNA.

Sting came down.
He was announced as the Captain of Team TNA and said he would "find myself some killers".

Christopher Daniels vs Magnus
Magnus won with a top rope elbow. Good match here with good heat and Daniels being his usual good self. Magnus was a perfectly fine face here and had a good performance. Good stuff by both guys and not a bad opening match. Rating:**3/4

Brooke and Bully were talking in the back. Bully was upset about losing and having an injury. They then talked about a night on the town and Bully leaving his ring by the sink:

Magnus said he'd use the Ace's injury to fuel him and said he has what it takes to be champ.

Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle
They did a recorded message with Kurt Angle talking about getting back amateur wrestling in the Olympics. From personal experience, I always want to watch wrestling but it is always a pain to check out. It's rarely on earlier than 2 A.M. and the American media really doesn't push it. I think it is silly to get rid of it since it is one of the core sports and to me defines the Olympics as much as anything else.

Both men went to a no contest when Ace's interfered. A shame too as this was a heck of a match. Nice and stiff with some big moves thrown in and it was seriously Joe's best match in years. Even though the finish sucked, I recommend checking this out because this was great wrestling. Rating:***1/2

Dixie told the Blossom's and Marty to step it up:

Party Marty Scrull and The Blossom Twins vs Tara, Jesse and Gail Kim

Gail won with a Eat Defeat. This was a heck of a fun trios match. Marty's dive was the highlight as he dove so far he ended up doing a header off the guard rails. The twins were alot of fun and Gail Kim was really great at being evil. Jesse bumped well and Marty was fun too. This is one of the better mixed matches I've seen and its definitely worth a look! Rating:***1/2

After the match she talked about how good she was and said she deserved a shot at the title. Brooke Hogan then came down and said Gail would wrestle Tessmacher, Sky and Tara.

Aries and Roode talked in the back. They said Hulk was trying to split them and they had to be strong. They tried to decide who would win which title but they couldn't agree.

James Storm vs Rob Van Dam
Storm won with a Last Call Superkick. Good match here with some exciting wrestling and RVD even busting out a non-weapon version of the Van Terminator. Some nice shots here and I really enjoyed this, Up to this point this is one of the best Impact's I can recall. Rating:**3/4

Joseph Park went to Hulk in the back about getting a title shot. He said he was trying to politic and bought campaign buttons and a campaign manager. Hulk said it was a rib and not a BBQ rib or a babyback rib, but a joke. However, Hulk said Park would get his vote.
Hulk then yelled at Brooke for making decisions too quickly.

Hulk and Brooke talked in the back.
Brooke tried to get Hulk to sway the vote for the title shot but Hulk said he needed to be objective.

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode
Aries and Roode said they were on the same page and would take care of this easy.
They both did a fingerpoke of doom but neither would go down and Aries offered to lay down, but then tried to pin Roode.

They went to a Double Count Out when Chavo and Hernandez distracted both and got them counted out. This was a ton of fun. They both tried to catch the other with chairshot fakes and the ref bought neither. They also tried to one up in each other in their heeling and overall it was great. Maybe not a classic wrestling wise, but a really fun storyline and character match. Still, the wrestling was decent and I loved this. Rating:***
Hulk talked with Sting in the back about his decision. Sting gave him tough love about it and they brought up their match at Starcade 1997. Hogan then exited the wrong way.
Hogan didn't get to make a decision as Ace's came to attack. However, they got held off by Bully Ray and Sting, who had cricket bats.

Overall thoughts: This is the best IMPACT I can ever remember. This is a must see show with pretty much every match being good.

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