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WWE Main Event 2/13/2013 Review

WWE Main Event 2/13/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Jericho came out to do the Highlight Reel. He said he wanted to have a guest of greater or equal value than and then Ricardo interrupted him.
He demanded to do the introduction and Jericho let him. Alberto then came out.

Jericho talked about Alberto's dad Dos Caras taking care of him. Jericho said when he wins at the chamber, he will face ADR and beat him. Jericho, ADR and Ricardo then got into a 3 way spanish argument about the pronunciation of some word with Ricardo going super fast and going nuts. He then got out of breath.

Dolph then came out. Jericho made fun of AJ and wondered what Big E stood for. He suggested Big Earwax, Big Utah, Big Urkel, Big Excrement along with other names. Well, Urkel doesn't begin with an E and neither does Utah, but I like it. Family Matters was a great show and one of my favorites. Waldo Faldo forever. Anyway, back to the talking.

ADR said it is time Dolph was taught a lesson and he said he would do it right now.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Alberto won with a cross armbreaker. The big highlights here were ADR taking a backdrop over the top and hitting his head off the steps, a reverse superplex from the top to Zig, Dolph jumping on ADR who was on the top to put him in a sleeper and Dolph hitting a huge delayed DDT on ADR's head. The crowd really fired up about halfway through making this really exciting. There was also a pretty funny spot with Ricardo hitting Big E in the head with his bucket and making the run for it. The finish was kind of out of nowhere but this was a great match that I totally didn't see coming. This is well worth going out to see and is probably my match of the month as of right now. Rating:****

They then showed clips from Raw.

Paul Heyman was interviewed by Matt Striker. Unfortunately, Heyman didn't knock him out like Big Show did. He basically just said that Punk would win.

They then showed more clips from Raw to close the show.

Overall thoughts: The one match shown was great so you definitely want to check that out, but the rest is skippable.

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