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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results and Review

WWE Elimination Chamber 2/17/2013 Results and Review
The last Raw before this is here:

The last Smackdown before this is here:

They showed clips of Henry taking out Orton on Smackdown,
Orton said he'd show the world how dangerous he can be and he said he was on a mission to Wrestlemania.

They then showed a promo for the 6 man while on the main PPV preshow they had ADR and Show highlights.

Tensai wore a funny hat.

Brodus Clay and Tensai vs Team Rhodes Scholars
The Rhodes Scholars said due to alot of people wanting them to return on twitter, they did.
They said the Scholars went to Mexico to prepare for this.

The fat boys got the win with double splashes. I loved them sandwiching Sandow and did like the double splash. If these two are going to be the dancing natural disasters, I'm all in even though Clay really sucks.

Stanford and Renee Young showed more clips on the PPV pre-show feed. If you can believe it, I'm actually watching 3 different wrestling shows at the same time with 2 WWE pre-shows and CMLL on Terra.

The WWE on youtube feed stopped at 7:55PM. On the PPV feed, they brought up Kaitlyn winning NXT Season 3. They usually don't mention that so I was surprised.

World Heavyweight Championship - Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show
Alberto Del Rio beat Big Show by an armbar. The match was pretty good but not as good as their others. But there was also no gimmicks here. The focus was on Show's arm getting worked and the big spot had Show lifiting ADR while in the armbar, which we see all the time in MMA but the announcers haven't seen yet. Other than that, lots of enzugiri's and thats about it. Rating:**3/4

WWE United States title - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz
Adrianne Palicki was interviewed and gave a shoutout to wrestler Benjamin Boone.

Cesaro won by DQ. Odd BS finish here as Cesaro said he got nut shotted and the ref DQ'd Miz. I don't think I've ever seen one like this in WWE in a long time. Good match up to it though with Miz working Cesaro's epxosed knee and Cesaro working Miz's arm and shoulder.

Kane and DB argued in the back. DB tried to clear things but Kane was still upset. He said DB looked like one of the seven dwarfs. Kane said he's never been in a WrestleMania main event in 15 years, so this was a big deal for him.
Kane told DB to watch his back and Kane said he would watch his own back too.

#1 Contender at Wrestlemania - Elimination Chamber - Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry vs Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho vs Kane
Jack Swagger has new music. It sounds army like.
Zeb Coulter talked about the Louisiana Purchase and how Thomas Jefferson would be disappointed about what America has become. He brought up people breaking laws and coming in illegally and then asking for handouts. He said together we will make things right because tonight, a real Patriot, a real American will set things straight and win one for the good guys. He said tonight marks the beginning of a Jack Swagger America.

Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho are the first in the Elimination Chamber. This is Chris Jericho's 8th Elimination Chamber.

They said 5 Elimination Chamber winners have come from spot #5.
Daniel Bryan was quickly eliminated by Mark Henry and his World's Strongest Slam.
Kane then got eliminated by Mark Henry and The World's Strongest Slam.
Mark Henry got double suplexed on the steel and Orton got put through a pod.
Randy Orton eliminated Mark Henry with a surprise RKO.
Mark Henry came back into the Elimination Chamber after elimination and hit the WSS on all three survivors. Booker T and Teddy Long came out to get him out of there.
Jack Swagger got a surprise win here eliminating Randy Orton. Orton eliminated Jericho with an RKO and Jack Swagger hit a surprise roll-up to win the Elimination Chamber. The match wasn't bad but not all up to the quality of past chamber. There weren't many big spots and none of the guys in are really big stars. I've seen alot better. They didn't do anything wrong but they didn't do anything great. This chamber really needed Rey Mysterio or Kofi Kingston. Someone to spice it up a bit. I didn't see Jack Swagger winning this at all and I'm curious if he does indeed get the title shot. The big spots here were Orton going through plexiglass, Henry getting double suplexed onto the steel and Swagger doing a header into the glass. Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger hugged like crazy after the big win.

Ryback, John Cena and Sheamus vs The Shield
 I have no idea why this isn't a Chamber match.
Seth Rollins beat Ryback when Ryback had Rollins up for a Shellshock and Roman Reigns speared him. The match wasn't bad but it just didn't catch my interest. They didn't do anything too special and it was more of a traditional tag than a hate filled brawl. Definitely not up to the level of the TLC Shield match.
Dolph Ziggler came out and complained about not being booked. He didn't like how Swagger got in so easy.
Booker T came out and said he knew someone that could do everything Dolph could and more.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston
Dolph Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston with a Zig Zag. This was quick but good. Kofi got some serious air on his dives and landed on Big E. Big E made him pay for it after though with a Big Ending.
Brodus Clay was playing with toys in the back and called Tensai, Sweet T. Tensai said he doesn't know what Tensai means, but the characters on his head probably mean a sushi menu with his bad luck(Thanks to MoeChristyV.1.6).

WWE Divas Title - Kaitlyn vs Tamina Snuka
Kaitlyn said that she may walk out or crawl out, but will stay champion.

Kaitlyn beat Tamina Snuka with a spear. Big surprise there as I had Snuka winning it. The match wasn't anything special and not really worth your time.

WWE Title and ProWresBlog Title - The Rock vs CM Punk
If the Rock gets counted out or DQ'd, he loses the title.
The Rock got spit on by CM Punk
The Rock beat CM Punk after Punk hit Heyman with a belt. Two ref's went down here and there was lots of shenanigans. The match wasn't really that great and didn't have the atmosphere of the last one. I thought it was pretty flat and uninteresting for the most part. The big spots were Rock getting a Rock Bottom from Punk on a table and a CM Punk top rope elbow.

They then announced The Rock vs John Cena at Wrestlemania to close the show:

Overall thoughts: Nothing was bad but nothing stood out. Nothing on the show really did it for me but I didn't hate it. Not sure about some of the calls here but we will see. As a whole the show was good just a little underwhelming.

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