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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 2/23/2013 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 2/23/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

"Not only must see, the most must hear commentator is back here on Saturday Morning Sl

Jack Swagger vs Jey Uso
Jack Swagger got the win with The Patriot Act. Unimpressive and boring squash here with Swagger showing basically nothing. I did like the Rins of Saturn that he used, but that's about it.

They had a commercial with Josh Matthews saying Saturday Morning Slam is about to change. It seems from the commercial, and this is just a guess from what I saw, that they are going to do more backstage stuff as they showed videos of different confrontations behind the scenes. I believe they are all new clips, so we will have to see. It appears they may have a new logo as well:
They also had a shot of Josh Matthews being tied up:
They did a small feature on Kaitlyn.

Natalya vs Kaitlyn
Miz said Kaitlyn has an unhealthy obsession with facial hair. I can think of two Wyatt family members who may interest her.
Miz said Kaitlyn always carries jorts around and likes cats with real people's names.
"You're good. You're really good." - Natalya
"Let's go Kaitlyn." - Natalya
Kaitlyn got the win with the spear. This was all the Natalya show. Kaitlyn basically did nothing besides a shoulder tackle and a spear before losing. Natalya got to talk some crap during the match and it appears that WWE is catching more of what the WWE wrestlers say in the ring, which I think is a good thing.

After the match, the girls shook hands and hugged:

Overall thoughts: This was a skippable show. Nothing really worth seeing here unfortunately. I am interested in seeing the changes for next week's show though. I just hope the show stays on air.

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