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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/8/2013 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/8/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:
Big Show ripped on Alberto Del Rio's actions and approved of him being suspended. He said he signed a contract at the Elimination Chamber in a match with Alberto Del Rio. He talked for 6 minutes about double standards until Booker T came down.
Big Show accused Booker of giving out his hotel information on Monday and Booker gave Big Show a match.
"Hey Booker, ever heard of a cell phone? Send me an email, give me a tweet this is how incompetent you are as a general manager. You just drop this on me. Here it is, you have a match." - Big Show on Booker T's policy of always signing matches the night of Smackdown.
Booker T then signed Kane vs Big Show. This whole segment took 12 minutes. I thought Big Show's point about how Booker screws people by assigning them matches an hour before a match was valid. The thing I always wonder is, don't people like Kane and The Undertaker get upset about having to fight in matches for GM's to get their revenge on?

Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes
"When one door closes another door opens and behind that door is the vision everybody always wanted to see - Cody Rhodes on the top of WWE." - Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes got the UPSET with a Crossroads on Kofi Kingston.  This was a quick maybe 4 minute match with Kofi mostly in control until the finish. It was an interesting match as it was a battle of the guys not being really featured at the moment and the loss really doesn't help either guy. Kofi's stock really went down since his IC title loss and I can't help but wonder if WWE likes to see how many times they can make someone lose before the fans stop caring.

DB and Kane met up in the back:
DB tried to convince Kane he was sorry and Kane didn't buy it. He then tried to tell Kane why he should accompany him tonight and Kane also didn't buy it. He told him just to stay out and stay away.
The Great Khali vs Titus O'Neil
Darren Young wasn't out there as they said he was "taking care of some housekeeping things".
Khali got the win in a minute here when Mark Henry came out:
"The Hall of Pain is now open and I'm bent on destruction. Are there any questions?" - Mark Henry
He demanded an explanation from Booker T about why he wasn't in the Chamber.
"It looks like there's no room in the Elimination Chamber for the World's Strongest Man. If you don't make room, then I'm gonna have to make it myself." - Mark Henry
"You know what that means right? It means that I'm gonna have to injure enough people that I'll be the only person in the Elimination Chamber." - Mark Henry
Booker then signed Randy Orton vs Mark Henry and told Mark, if he can beat someone in the chamber, he will get their spot.

"Hey Dummy, I said 67 degrees. Not 68, not 70. Is that so hard to figure out? And another thing. My steak. How do I like my steak done? Charred on the outside, medium rare on the inside. The thing is cooked all the way through. It's like a piece of shoe leather. I'm not gonna eat it, you're gonna eat it. You're gonna make me another steak. Pittsburgh style." - Show
"Oh, the back toilet's clogged again too. Take care of that." - Show

Kane vs The Big Show
Big Show won with a Knockout Punch. Yeah, this was Kane vs The Big Show. It wasn't good in 2000 and it wasn't good in 2013.
Alberto said he was talking with Show's Tour Bus Maid and the guy told him about how bad he was being treated.
"About your tour bus...I decided to make some changes." - ADR
"When are they gonna arrest this guy? When are they gonna call the police? He broke up into a hotel room, he's tearing up Big Show's bus. He's trespassing." - JBL
Nah, nothing that could be considered offensive about a mexican person stealing your tires.
I don't know.

"Hey Big Show, if you need some tires, I know a guy. Just give me a call. Adios Amigo." - ADR

 Sorry if these aren't in order, blogger could care less.
Clearly Alberto learned nothing from when Sheamus stole and destroyed his car...

Jack Swagger vs Justin Gabriel
"A real American doesn't take handouts. A real American takes what he wants and tonight I'll show Booker T why the Elimination Chamber needs Jack Swagger, a real American." - Swagger

Will someone buy Booker T a TV and a chair for his office already?
Jack Swagger won with the Patriot Act ankle lock. This was all squash here and Jack is a little more serious now, but mostly the same wrestler he was before.

They did the same Fandango promo they've been doing:

Drew McIntyre vs Tensai
"They don't sing, they don't do anything. They barely wrestle." - JBL putting over 3MB
Tensai won by DQ when 3MB jumped in and Clay made the save. This was just a squash and only a minute long.

Sin Cara vs Antonio Cesaro
Cesaro won with the Neutralizer. This was a ton of fun but too short. Cesaro and Cara need to work more together as Cesaro is the perfect opponent for him.

Orton wasn't impressed with Henry attacking people and said he'd send him back to the injured list tonight.

Miz was talking about the Brock attack until Cesaro came in and said he was a typical American and should stop sticking his nose in places it doesn't belong.

Randy Orton vs Mark Henry
Mark Henry got the win here in under 6 minutes with a World's Strongest Slam out of nowhere. It wasn't that great and with it being so short there was little to it.
Overall thoughts: Well, The Big Show/ADR thing was entertaining and Cesaro/Cara was good, but there was little wrestling here and the show went long. Skip it.

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