Wednesday, February 20, 2013

XNL Titanes Del Ring 2/17/213

XNL Titanes Del Ring 2/17/213

I wasn't going to do so many matches of this but when you got Kaiser, XL KENTA and Super Crazy, I believe I have no choice. The video quality is pretty good too so I have to.

Eddie Edwards vs Giger vs XL

Giger won with a Dominator on XL. Really good match here. XL was king. He slaps and chops so hard and he legit looked atleast equal to or above Eddie Edwards. Why is this guy not in PWG or ROH now? Giger is your power man and he let his opponents have it. Eddie wasn't bad and he kept the goofy stuff down. Everyone looked good here and this was fun. Rating:***

Latin American Tournament - Super Crazy vs Gastón Mateo
Gaston Mateo's crew tries to interfere and gets hit on accident
One of Mateo's girls interferes and pays for it
Super Crazy got the win with a standing moonsault. This was all shenanigans unfortunately with tons of people interfering. No thanks on this one.

Latin American Tournament Final - KENTA vs Super Crazy
The finish
KENTA won with the No Lock. This was disappointing. I was expecting flying and kicks and neither was here. They focused on brawling on the outside and most of it couldn't be seen. This was not what I wanted at all and it was also only about 8 minutes long.

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