Monday, February 18, 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/18/2013 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/18/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Elimination Chamber is here:

I missed around the first 40 minutes unfortunately.

John Cena said he would put his Wrestlemania title shot up for grabs if Punk can beat him next week.

Orton said he wasn't scared of Kane anymore and said Kane reminded him of Barney.

Vickie and Heyman met up in the back.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler
This is a rematch from Main Event

Alberto got the win with an armbar out of a Zig Zag. Good match but it was too short. ADR did his reverse superplex again which was cool. After the match, Big E laid out ADR. Dolph then tried to cash in but Ricardo took the briefcase and I guess he couldn't. AJ retrieved it but ADR was up and enzugiri'd Dolph after.

Wade said he was in Dead Man Down and would be a movie star.
Sheamus interrupted and said Wade wasn't the star in the movie.

Tensai, Brodus Clay and Naomi vs Rosa Mendes and The Colon's
The dancing bears won in under a minute with a double team splash. This was all squash.

Zeb Coulter talked about the problems going on in America on President's Day. Zeb said ADR only came to USA to reap the benefits of it. He said Jack will win the title at Wrestlemania and will reclaim America.

Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan

Jack Swagger got the win with a Patriot Act ankle lock. They got a lot of time but there was no heat at all. Decent match here mostly due to DB but it definitely was missing something. I'm totally seeing Alberto vs Swagger at Wrestlemania as being a total disaster.

Brad Maddox was announced as the assistant to the Raw Managing Supervisor. Even Vickie and Brad couldn't remember the goofy title.

Vince got on the tron and said when Paul Heyman's mouth is open, he is lying. Vince talked about the special stipulation that was added. Paul supposedly said he would do anything for that and Vince held it against him.
Vince McMahon said he and Paul Heyman will fight next week.

Chris Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback vs The Shield
Sheamus cleared house before we went to break with Ambrose taking an awesome bump off of a Brogue Kick.

The Shield got the win with a Rollins flying knee out of nowhere. Good match here with good work and hate by everyone involved. The pace was nice and the heat was really good as well. Fun tag here and maybe even better than last night's tag.

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow
Sandow said Osias P. Sandow came up with The New Deal.

Kofi and Sandow brawled until R-Truth returned and beat up Sandow. Sandow won by DQ.
Adrianne Palicki and D.J. Cotrona got interviewed and said they have been celebrating for days about Rock's title win.

Kane vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton got the win when DB came down and Orton hit an RKO to a distracted Kane. Kane and Orton couldn't have an interesting match if their lives depended on it.

They the University of Lafayette Louisiana marching band out for the celebration of The Rock. They played The Rock's theme on drums which was awesome.
The Rock said the WWE Title shouldn't look like a toy and should never spin. He told the camera guy to put this in the Hall of Fame. The Rock had a new title.

The Rock introduced the new WWE title:

Cena came out, said nothing and CM Punk floored him with the old WWE title

Overall thoughts: The show was okay. Some decent matches but nothing too great and hey we got a new WWE title, so that is significant.


  1. Funny how Dwayne says how the belt "Shouldn't look like a toy", and debuts a new title... THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A TOY!