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NXT 1/30/2013 Review

NXT 1/30/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Derrick Bateman and Alex Riley vs Leo Kruger and Kassius Ohno
"This is what we call scurping somebody. You put your knee in the back of there and you push forward." - Regal
"Spinning toe hold. Shades of the Funk family." - Regal
The finish
Kassius Ohno got the win with a cravate and an arm lock. Good match here with decent selling, good heat and the faces being decent. Not bad at all and one of the better NXT matches as of late. Fun opener. Rating:**3/4

Corey Graves came down after to put the 13th Step on Alex Riley:

Sakamoto vs Mason Ryan
"The only true Britons are the Welsh because they defended from people invading their country." - Regal 

"Karl Gotch, the great wrestler, used to say there's two types of muscle - counterfeit and condition. Some people have great showy muscles, but their not alot of use for anything. They're not great athletes. Mason Ryan's got everything you like...he's got incredible beautiful muscles and I use that word greatly to look at but he's so well conditioned. He's an incredible athlete." - Regal
"He doesn't work out in a gym. Rather uses stones and logs."  - Dawson | "He eats 12 cans of tuna a day, 12, on top of his other food." - Regal
The finish

Mason Ryan won in a squash match here. This was all Ryan and Sakamoto got nothing in. Ryan looked better than before but we know which one of these two is the more talented. The announcers really put over Ryan and I'd expect to see more of him.
Someone slipped up on the cut to black as a loud "Xavier" was heard.

Aksana vs Paige
"By the way Tone, I got a couple of old swords lined us for up tonight. Those girls hold more water than the Hoover Dam." - Regal
 Paige won with a high angle texas cloverleaf. Good match here and certainly Aksana's best.  Paige sold for most of it and her selling was decent, which helped cover Aksana's weaknesses. Rating:**1/2

After the match, Paige tripped into the ring announcer Summer Rae:

Renee Young then interviewed Sasha Banks:
Sasha Banks talked about her win over Alicia Fox and said that the sky is now the limit for her. However, she then received a letter:
"Roses are red, violets are blue, I lie awake at night thinking of you. Your secret admirer."
Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty vs Primo and Epico
Epico has new long hair as he got rid of his cornrows
Bo Dallas won with a weak belly to belly which Tony Dawson called a powerslam. Well, you guys know my thoughts on Bo winning. The match was decent but Bo was easily the worst guy here and had a pretty akward sequence. Mike was probably the best and he had some really nice dropkicks here. The crow was into it as well and it wasn't a bad effort. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: A bunch of good matches makes this a good NXT. It's not must see but the show was good.

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