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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/1/2013 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 2/1/2013 Review

Del Rio waits for The Big Show to arrive
Booker T talked about having a title match in an elimination chamber match, then JACK SWAGGER RETURNED!
Jack Swagger returns!
"Long story short, I've been living the life of a real American and Book, my eyes are opened." | "I want you to put me in this elimination chamber, and I'll do the rest." - Jack Swagger
Dolph Ziggler then said he wouldn't be in the Elimination Chamber as he already has a title shot. Booker T then signed Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio and said all of the men in the ring had to impress Booker T and Teddy Long to get into the Elimination Chamber during their matches tonight. He didn't say they had to win though, just impress. He also signed the next match:

Team Hell No vs Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara
"Rey Mysterio mentored Sin Cara, met him in AAA." - JBL, who doesn't know that Sin Cara was never in AAA.
"I can't stand Rey Mysterio but boy is he fun to watch," - JBL
"Dr. Emmet Brown and his flux capacitor are more qualified to look at these guys brains than Dr. Shelby." - JBL

The finish
Rey Mysterio got the win with a Stuka splash. Good and exciting match here. The luchadores flew all over the place and DB was the perfect foil for them. This is about as fun of an opening match as you get and was a good time. Rating:***
"I'm just getting fresh air man. Leave me alone, ok?" - ADR
The Great Khali vs Jinder Mahal

Great Khali won with a Punjabi Plunge in a nothing squash match. Heath Slater got pulled under the ring during this.

Teddy and Booker met in the back with Teddy saying he invited Jack Swagger back. Cody and Sandow then popped in:
"In light of recent events, Damien and I have made the difficult decision to dissolve team Rhodes Scholars and pursue singles competition from here on out." - Cody
Booker T then made Sheamus vs Damien Sandow.
"Look like you just went from Rhodes Scholars to Roadkill." - Booker
Damien Sandow vs Sheamus
Sheamus had this on control before The Shield attacked:

The Shield quickly took him out.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Orton won with an RKO in quick fashion. This went less than 5 minutes which is shocking. There really wasn't much to it at all besides Wade hitting the Bull Hammer on the post and hurting himself. Afterwards, Wade was interviewed by Matt Striker.

Wade saw Bo Dallas backstage and quickly punched him and threw him over a box before he punched him more.

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger
Man does Jack Swagger look like Dean Ambrose

Jack Swagger won with an ankle lock. Decent match here and Kofi is back to being fodder. Swagger is still Swagger but a lot less goofy and more serious. He's surely getting in the chamber.
Alberto Del Rio and Big Show fought in the parking lot until Big Show escaped. Think about that for a second. Alberto couldn't catch THE BIG SHOW on foot. Show then stole a car to escape, after attempting to steal one earlier in the segment.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio
Big E got kicked out soon after for trying to enter the ring after ADR dropkicked him.
Alberto won with the armbreaker. Not a great match but totally fine for being a TV main event. Dolph had some great facials here and Alberto seemed into it.

Overall thoughts: Not alot of bad stuff and the only really great thing was the opener. It was an acceptable show overall though.

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