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WWE Monday Night Raw 2/11/2013 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 2/11/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

I missed the first 30 minutes as usual. There's nothing I can do unfortunately but hopefully next semester I won't have to.

Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho
Jericho won with a codebreaker. I missed about half of it but it looked like a really good match. Jericho got into the chamber with this win.

3MB vs John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus
The faces got the win hitting all of their finishers in a quick squash.

The faces all cut quick promo's for Sunday:
Cena and Sheamus also challenged Shield for later.

Alex Riley and Yoshi Tatsu were telling jokes about the Big Show getting orange paint doused on him. Riley said he looked like a traffic cone and Tatsu said he looked like a carrot. Show then came in and knocked them out. Eh, they deserved it.

Big Show came out and Matt Striker tried to interview him. He then knocked Matt Striker out. Eh, he deserved it. Good call there.

Big Show came out to talk and he left without saying a word.

Zack Ryder vs Jack Swagger
Jack Swagger came out with Zeb Coulter aka Uncle Zebekiah the manager of the Godwinns aka Dutch Mantel.
Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter
Dutch Mantel aka Uncle Zebekiah aka Zeb Coulter
Zeb Coulter
Jack Swagger won with the Patriot Act in a squash match. The news here though is Zeb Coulter came with him. Who's Zeb Coulter? Well, it's Uncle Zebekiah aka Dutch Mantel. He managed the Godwinns in the WWF in the middle 90's but he's more famous for being a really awesome wrestler. Particularly in Memphis where he had a great feud with Jerry Lawler. I reviewed a show that has Lawler vs Dutch Mantel from 1982 in it with LOSER LEAVES TOWN stipulations here:

They cut a dumb borderline racist promo about not wanting people from over the border in the USA with a lot of racial overtones. Zeb called him Jack a real American and talked about how half the people he sees can't speak English.

Dolph went to Booker T in the back and said he wanted in the chamber, so Booker signed him a match for later tonight.

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes
Antonio Cesaro was live at the booth.
Miz won by DQ after he kicked Cesaro and Cesaro interfered. Uh, that's not really fair? Think about it. Cesaro was sitting there minding his own business then he got kicked and hit back, then Miz benefits from it? I get the reasoning and all but it kind of doesn't make sense. But hey, it's wrestling. Not much of a match here before Cesaro got involved. Cesaro threw Miz into the post and gave him the giant swing into the barricades.
They may have announced this earlier but the announcers said that if the Rock gets DQ'd or Counted Out at the Elimination Chamber, he will lose his title.

Epico and Primo vs Tensai and Brodus Clay
The Funkadactyl's came out with pom pom's and cheerleader outfits supposedly from something on the Grammy's.
Brodus Clay and Tensai won quick with a Tensai senton in a squash. After the match, The Funkadactyl's beat up Rosa Mendes. Rosa was easily the best dancer here though, IMO.

The Shield came out to do a promo.
They challenged Cena, Sheamus and Ryback to come get them.
Dean Ambrose said John Cena lives in his own world and doesn't believe that Cena thinks there are consequences. He called it The John Cena Problem.
The faces didn't come out for a while and then the lights went out and they appeared. They beat up the Shield and ran them off into the stands.

They recapped some stuff from earlier in the show with Paul Heyman trying to resign his contract with CM Punk and them eventually coming back together. 

Alberto Del Rio vs Damien Sandow
Sandow brought up the shame of the Grammy Awards and said that it was not a good thing that they were in Nashville, Tennessee. He said they sing songs there of dead dogs, pick-up trucks and overly sensitive individuals. who get their hearts broken instead of listening to Mozart.

Alberto won in a quick squash with an armbar. Yep, it was totally a good idea to break-up the Rhodes Scholars. How could they ever have dropped so many falls without breaking up?

Alberto Del Rio said Big Show cut the best promo of his life when he said nothing. ADR then said the time for talking is over and the only place ADR is going is Wrestlemania.
Wade Barrett was getting ready to come to the ring when Bo Dallas attacked him.

We got another Fandango commercial:

Wade Barrett vs Kofi Kingston
Wade Barrett won with a Bull Hammer while Kofi was under the apron. The highlight here was Kofi Kingston hitting Delirious' move, Shadows Over Hell. The match wasn't bad, but neither guy needed to lose here and it was short.

Elimination Chamber Spot - Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

Kane won with a chokeslam. Dolph was good but it is a Kane match and there's only so far you can go. They teased a Big E vs Kane match here with them staring each other down. AJ jumped up on the apron near the end but it didn't help Dolph.
The 6 above are in the chamber...for now. Let's see what the line-up is after Smackdown.

The Rock came out to talk:
The Rock talked about going to high school in Nashville. He said he was talking to Downtown Bruno aka Harvey Wippleman and someone walked in. No, not Jeff Jarrett as he said. He then told a story about a crackhead trying to sell a car to him in a bar. He said he hustled the crackhead and gave him half the money he promised. He started driving and found a crackhead in the backseat and kicked him out. The Rock then said he thought the car might have been stolen. He said, "I waited til 2 AM, ditched that bitch into a Burger King parking lot and walked back to Tootsie's Longue". He said there's two takeaways from this story. #1 is don't even buy a car from a crackhead and #2 don't do the crazy things The Rock did. I can't believe they are allowing this on national TV.

He talked about his first match at Nashville Fairgrounds in flea markets and used car dealerships.

Rock said that he'd beat Punk's punk ass at the Elimination Chamber and all over Nashville tonight.

Heyman tripped Rock and Punk hit Rock with a Go 2 Sleep to end the show. Punk then took the belt and told Rock he can take it back.

Overall thoughts:  Not a great one here. Only one real good match and the bit at the end was a little weird but okay. Skip this.

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