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Ring of Honor TV 2/9/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 2/9/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Top Prospect Tournament - Matt Taven vs ACH
ACH supposedly stands for Athleticism, Charisma and Heart.
"He's got the body, he's got the look. I wouldn't know whether to punch him or kiss him." - Truth Martini
"ACH is really impressive. Him and Tadarius Thomas are actually brothers. Well, not brothers brothers. You know what I mean Kevin Kelly atleast." - Truth
"You were going down a slippery road there. I was about to let you go." - Kelly
"This is so exciting. I can feel myself about to get off." - Truth
"Will you please control yourself?" - Kelly

The finish
Matt Taven got the win with a top rope splash. Good and exciting match here. ACH was a true highlight reel. He did some sitff strikes and mixed in some really dives including a Mascara Dorada like dive from the inside rope to the outside. ACH really came across like a star and instantly got me wanting a Tadarius Thomas vs ACH match. This was a great opener and I'm wishing for more top prospect tournaments because this one is a smash hit so far. Matt Taven looked pretty good as well but it was odd in that he was booked to win, but ACH was designed to be star of this. Rating:***1/2

The bracket
"Michael Elgin, I've done it before and I have no problem beating you two straight falls." - Roderick Strong
Nigel came out to introduce Adam Cole and Matt Hardy:
Nigel said he wouldn't give Matt Hardy a title match, because he beat Adam Cole, but he had to kick him in the nuts to do it. He then signed Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy in a non-title match.

Matt Hardy said he beat Cole already and had nothing else to prove. Adam Cole said he'd fight him again for the TV title but Nigel put his foot down and said it would be non-title.

Matt Hardy accused Nigel of being jealous of him. Hardy said he was working Madison Square Garden while Nigel was working flea markets.
Adam Cole stuck up for Nigel. Cole then asked Hardy if he needed a reason to fight him in a non-title match and hit Hardy.
They then had a small pull apart brawl.

Inside Ring of Honor
Truth Martini was interviewed and he said Tadarius Thomas would win the Top Prospect Tournament. He then said Silas Young was silent but deadly. With that he said Kevin Kelly was as well and motioned that Kelly had just farted.

He said QT Marshall might have something but he didn't think his management was good.  He said Matt Taven was good but was missing something.
Truth then took his pants off and told his Hoopla Hotties to do so as well.

They then talked about a 6-man for Cincinatti, Ohio with the ROH All-Stars of Michael Elgin, Davey Richards and Adam Cole against SCUM. Davey said the stars were lining up. Cole said they are all on the same page and they want to eliminate SCUM. Elgin said he doesn't play well with others but if he has to, he wants Cole and Davey on his side. Davey then said it's their first and last time tagging. Decent promo.
Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly then talked about their 11th Anniversary match with the Briscoe's. Fish asked for a dictionary that listed "dem" as an acceptable form of the English language.
Kyle said they'd send the Briscoes back to the chicken farm and that they'd be broken, defeated and tired. I'm not sure if these two are pushing a gay angle, but I got that kind of vibe from this.

C&C and The Briscoe's were in the back.
Coleman talked about why he chose his partners and the Briscoe's said they won't let SCUM tear the house down.

"The Wrestling Goddess" Athena vs MsChif
Athena is from SHIMMER and MsChif  has been in ROH before. Athena has some weird detective like music from the 1980's. MsChif looks a little bit heavier than she used to be. Veda Scott was at the booth.
They pushed Athena as a highflyer and a survivor of Skandor Akbar's training camps.
They announced that Veda Scott was voted Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Rookie of the Year. Uh, Yuhi(ProWresBlog 's 2012 Rookie of the Year), Dinastia and a host of others say hi.
MsChif hit Obliteration for the win which is kind of like a facebuster with her opponent sitting on the ropes. The match had alot of good but also alot of akwardness. Athena hit a cool handspring/backflip combo into a kick but kind of missed the kick a little. She also did a cool corkscrew off the buckles into a stunner that was called the O-Face. Decent match as a whole but definitely some rough spots. Rating:**3/4

SCUM vs C&C and The Briscoes
Jay Lethal was at the booth for this.
Steen won with a package piledriver. This was not good at all. ROH can't handle filming 2 guys in the ring correctly yet alone 8. There was too much going on and all of it was uninteresting brawling. The only real thing of note here was Steen hitting a package piledriver when SCUM was trying to get a gore in and then walking out alone after the win. I can't say I'd be sad at SCUM breaking up and I can't say I liked this.

Overall thoughts: Two out of the three matches were good with the opener really being worth a look. I didn't get into the Hardy/Cole stuff and I could have done without seeing Truth Martini in his underwear. This one is up to you but you should enjoy the opener.

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  1. I hope ROH will sing a contract with both Taven and ACH.
    Main event wasn't very fantastic, but OK. Opener very good, women's also done good job. Hardy/Cole..... well, it's good that something is happen.

    If I'm correctly, only here you got comments, so I'd like to say: Thanks for the review with photos.

    Have a nice day.