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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/7/1990 Review

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/7/1990 Review

Last week's show is here:

Wrestlemania VI is here:

Welcome back to my ongoing coverage of Superstars 1990. I've been reviewing so much stuff weekly that this got put on the backburner for a while.

This is the first show after Wrestlemania VI. Wrestlemania VI was a big turning point for the company with the Hulkamania Era over and the Ultimate Warrior Era beginning...or so we thought.

Dusty Rhodes vs Don Stevens
The finish
Dusty Rhodes got the win with an elbow drop. Little going on here. Dusty hit a suplex, Sapphire mocked Don Stevens some and Dusty got the 1-2-3.

Riki Ataki vs The Warlord
Since the Warlord came out with Slick, he came out to Jive Soul Bro. Seeing the Warlord come out to that was interesting.
"He is so powerful, he doesn't even know how powerful he is." - Lord Alfred Hayes on The Warlord
"Look at this massive chest. Look at those massive biceps. And guess what? I own it all." - Slick
The finish
"The party's over!" - Slick
The Warlord won with a running powerslam. This was all squash. Warlord threw Riki Ataki around like a sack of potatoes and coasted to an easy win.
I did like his suplex into the ring but that's about it.

We got a promo from Rick Rude during a workout:
"Well, well, well a new champion. I'll bet you're happy and you have the right to be happy, Ultimate Warrior." - Rick Rude
"Well, I have the right to be happy too because in your illustrious career Warrior, there's only been one man to beat you for a title. And I'm the one whose done it Warrior." - Rick Rude
"Now I issue a public challenge to you. A challenge that cannot be denied. A challenge that you must accept." - Rick Rude
"I have pushed myself beyond the outer limits, beyond Parts Unknown. When we step into the ropes and look into each others eyes, there will be no doubt who the ultimate athlete is." - Rick Rude
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Black Bart
"It's not an equalizer McMahon, it's a weapon." - Jesse Ventura on Hacksaw's 2x4
"In the new WWF magazine, they have a personality profile on Hacksaw Jim Duggan. I could have done it in 2-3 lines, they used 2-3 pages!" - Jesse Ventura
"What would you have said in those 2-3 lines?" - Vince
"Not much. Ha-Ha." - Jesse
"I got him baby, I got him." - Duggan
"I'd say the turnbuckle got him." - Jesse
Hacksaw Jim Duggan beat Black Bart with a three point stance clothesline. This was your typical Hacksaw Jim Duggan squash and as usual, Jesse Ventura was the highlight of it, even though he wasn't even in the ring.

Bad News Brown vs Terry Zeller
"You sit down before I knock you out." - Bad News Brown
"Where's Piper at, huh?" - Brown
There was an interesting error during Brown's inset. They forgot to raise the volume on it and they forgot to cut out Jesse and Vince so you could hear them clear as day with no crowd, pretty much exposing that they were doing this from a studio and not in person.
The finish
Bad News Brown got the win with the Ghetto Blaster. The story here was Brown constantly asking for Piper with that being the real focus of the match. Other than that, it was a rather rough squash for Mr. Zeller.

The Brother Love Show with The Bushwhackers
"My guests this week are slobs." - Brother Love
"Are you appearing this week McMahon?" - Jesse
When you think about it, Jesse had the best job in the world. He got to insult his own boss and constantly get the better of him for 60 minutes a week.
Brother Love was amused by the Bushwhackers getting hit with guitars from Rhythm and Blues and Butch wasn't pleased. They didn't say too much until this line at the end:
"And remember Brother Love, nobody bushwhacks the Bushwhackers!" - Butch
Luke talked a little during this and that was when I realized why he never talked. He sounded like an upperclass Australian.

Dino Bravo vs Stefan DeLeon
Time for my least favorite wrestler ever, Dino Bravo.
The finish

Dino Bravo got the win with a decent looking side slam. The finish wasn't bad and I did like Bravo's backdrop suplex on DeLeon. That looked like it hurt.

I think this kid sums up my thoughts on Dino Bravo quite nicely.
The Hart Foundation vs Playboy Buddy Rose and Mark Ming
"We want out belts back." - Bret Hart to Demolition
The Hart Foundation won with The Hart Attack clothesline. Quick squash here with Buddy Rose being the highlight and the joke of the match all in one. I don't know why, but I kind of like Mark Ming.

Overall thoughts: This was all squash and nothing of note really happened here. Skip it.

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