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CMLL on 2/10/2013 Review

CMLL on 2/10/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Mr. Aguila was interviewed to start this. He looked exceptionally wacky with an Avatar type look. Have to give it to him though. You always know who Mr. Aguila is right away.

There are different ring girls tonight but the darker one with curly red hair was out there.

Soberano Jr. y Bengala vs. Zayco y Espanto Jr. 
I love the Espanto gimmick so I'm cool with however this turns out.  The ring girls got more time in the opening minutes than the wrestlers did, but they are in thongs.

1st Fall - Soberano is really skinny, even for a luchador and Bengala's outfit is totally from the 70's. Bengala ended up submitting Zayco with an interesting cradle submission. Soberano did a walk up the ropes hurricanrana then a standing moonsault and picked up the win over Espanto in a non-interesting fall.

2nd Fall - The rudos did leg work in the 2nd on Bengala. Zayco did a top rope splash onto Bengala to take him out. Espanto then hit a big spear to take out Soberano for the rudos win in the 2nd.

3rd Fall - Bengala did some kind of dive on the outside but naturally the camera's missed all of that. Looked like a La Silla. Soberano Jr got the win with a moonsault while his opponent was on the ropes.

They keep showing a girl with a Mr. Niebla mask in the front row and she gave the evil eyes to the cameras which was really funny.

Soberano Jr got interviewed after and I believe he made a challenge to Zayco.

Metatrón, Molotov, Stigma vs Inquisidor, Nosferatu, Taurus
 1st - Molotov sent Inquisidor out early with a monkey flip. The faces hit diving armdrags before a double chicken wing and a Toyota Roll for the win.

2nd - Taurus hit a really weird move on Stigma with Stigma basically getting powerbombed on his chest. Rudo's then hit a double team codebreaker to win the 2nd.

3rd - Some slaps by the rudos to start the 3rd with the beating on Stigma.  Metatron and Taurus did some decent slapping. Metatron did a diving hurricanrana on the outside. Stigma was in for most of this and took a codebreaker from Inquisido.  Molotov then did a weird stepover into a cool cruceta submission for the technico win in the 3rd.

The match was so-so. Nothing special here really and some akward stuff. Stigma got interviewed after.

Maximo and Marco then got interviewed.

Hombre Bala Jr., Starman, Super Halcón Jr. vs Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel
1st - Hombre has a half Halcon mask. Signo's mask is black and yellow and looks pretty cool. Lots of technical wrestling in the 1st but nothing interesting. The rudos stomped down Halcon and then jumped Starman. They did a double atomic drop on Starman and they pulled his legs apart. They did something similar holding Halcon in the air and letting him get dropkicked. Cancerbero then hit  a Queen Angelita Stretch to take out one of the technicos.  Signo did a top rope splash on Starman for the 1st.

2nd - The rudos brawled outside early and Signo went for Halcon's mask. Halcon then ate a falcon arrow from Signo. The rudos then triple stomped Bala. Halcon dropkicked Signo's butt and Bala did a dive into Signo who was in the corner following a sweet tornillo to the floor. Halcon then hit a roll of the dice for the the faces to win and Starman hit a octopus stretch.

3rd - Bala did a rebound tornillo and got caught before a big double knee to Signo's back.  He then did a front roll into a splash on Signo on the floor. He did the same thing to him in their singles match 3 weeks ago. Starman tried to monkey flip Raziel but he caught himself and did a handstand out of it. Really nice move. Starman did a springboard dropkick.  Halcon did a twirl into an armdrag and did a tope con giro. Starman then did a nice tope to Raziel.  Bala ate a Alabama Jam before losing to Signo's posing cruceta. Starman then came in. The rudos hit double team move on him and then submitted Halcon for the Rudo win.

The match was good in the 3rd but the 1st was so long and boring. Doesn't make up for it unfortunately. The technicos talked after as did Okumura, Averno and Vangelis.

Lightning Match - Metálico vs Virus
In case you haven't seen a lightning match before, they are one fall singles matches with a 10-minute time limit. I usually like them because they are singles matches and pretty straightforward.  I'd like to note that they keep showing some asian girl who they are calling "Oriental". If anyone knows if this girl is famous or something, let me know. Metalico did a sweet step over armdrag and did a tope where Virus took a great bounce off of.  He then hit a top rope armdrag off Virus. Virus tried to do a behind the back throw and Metalico caught an armbar off of it. Virus did some really nice pin combinations before hitting a version of the Tequila Sunrise submission for the win. Quick and fun match here. Rating:**3/4

Virus got interviewed after and talked about beating Metalico in the center of the ring. The red was interviewed at this time as well.

Blue Panther, Delta, Stuka Jr. vs Averno, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
Stuka's entrance music(Van Halen - Jump) never gets old. Delta came out to a Snoop Dogg song with tons of F-bomb's that weren't bleeped out. Well, we knew it wasn't Blue Panther's music.
1st - Stuka hit a tope on Okumura out of nowhere and the technicos got the pin in seconds! Averno was shocked.

2nd - Stuka and Okumura went at it a little before Oku ran away from another Stuka tope.  Delta did a neat variation of the satellite headscissors and then did a flip into a hurracanrana in ring. Vangelis then caught him with a big spear. I should note that Stuka/Rey Cometa vs Namajague/Okumura will be in a hair match coming up, hence the aggression. Delta took a wheelbarrow into a headdrop for the loss.

3rd -  Oku went after Stuka's mask. The rudo's did more bullying of Stuka here before a Stuka comeback. Him and Oku went at it more and traded lucha backbreakers. Oku did a senton to absolutely nothing but the mat which had to hurt.  The tech's went for double pins twice but only got near falls. Then Panther did an old man tope to the outside followed by Delta walking the rung before a tope on giro. Oku kicked Stuka in the nuts to get DQ'd and to give the technico's the 3rd.  Averno looked mad about it and rightfully so. I would be too.

Oku  then said he would put up his hair against Stuka's mask in their tag match at the Anniversary show.  Stuka and Delta cut promo's after and a fan got interviewed.

Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis
Faces all came out together here. Hey I just noticed, this a show without La Pesta Negra. Wonderful. The rudos got jumped by the faces during the gangnam style dance.

1st - Kraneo picked up the 1st quick with an Avalanche on Maximo then threw Mije high up for a splash on Rush for the pin.

2nd - Mije did a splash on Maximo. Corleone cleared out the heels with lariats and did a nice dropkick. Maximo did a top rope splash on Psicosis for the win in the 2nd.

3rd - Aguila took a nice bump off of a Marco punch and one of the women went nuts. Lots of Marco dancing here until Mije interrupted. Rush let him have it though for it. Marco did a twising splash onto 4 people and then threw Mije high onto the rudos. Rush KO'd Kraneo with a slap, which Kraneo sold well. Aguila took a hard Psicosis bump on his head and Maximo kissed Kraneo before both did stereo topes.  Psicosis rolled through a Marco crossbody to pin him. Marco had a wipe open face after this.

There was lots of mic work and interviews to close this.

The match wasn't bad to be honest and definitely exceeded my expectations.

Overall thoughts: The show really wasn't bad. Nothing was super great but it was all decent enough.

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