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CMLL on Terra 2/3/2013 Review

CMLL on Terra 2/3/2013 Review 
CMLL is on every Sunday at 6PM EST. They legally stream it live there so I thought I'd review. The stream is available anywhere in the world.

Bengala & Höruz vs Herodes Jr. & Zayco 
Technical Wrestling to start here with some Bengala/Zavala exchanges. Zavala sneaked in a fall on Bengala here and Horuz got boston crab'd to end the first fall. Herodes Jr is pretty bad and akward. Bengala did a top rope plancha and a christo on Bobby and Horuz hit a hard powerbomb on Herodes for the technicos win in the 2nd. We then go to the 3rd. Beng hits a few spinning backbreakers on Bobby and Herodes tries to sucker Horuz into a handshake. Horuz akwardly gets thrown into the corner before hitting a missile dropkick. Bengala hit a nice tornillo on Bobby on the outside and Horuz beefed and akward cradle for the win. Akward is a good description for this. The audio then went out and it sounded like someone was talking underwater. Bobby Zavala and Herodes got interviewed but unless you speak 1980's Nintendo Entertainment System you couldn't understand a thing.

Magnus, Stigma, Super Halcón Jr. vs Artillero, Súper Comando, Taurus 
Technicos got the first here with Stigma getting a Northern Lights. Ana Karina the CMLL ring girl is out. Hey if all else fails, I atleast saw her. Super Commando took a spinning backbreaker on the outside. Taurus did this really wild move from the punphandle and then Stigma got a group beatdown. Taurus then hit a super sit out tombstone where the guy landed on his front. Magnus got choked on the stage side during falls. 2nd fall now. The feed then went out. Came back with Halcon in control and going for Commando's mas before we got technico dives to the outside. Stigma then grabbed a fall and Magnus did a Toyota Roll for a near fall. Magnus hit a DVD corner move where Commando's neck went into the turnbuckles for the technico win of the match. The match was alright.

Dalis la Caribeña, Goya Kong, Luna Mágica vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Zeuxis
Goya did a bunch of hip shaking to start this. Beats La Comandante doing it I guess. Zeuxis came out with the Puerto Rican flag and an awful mohawk like haircut with a pony tail. Goya got put in a go behind and did a Rick Rude dance to scare Seductora off. Zeux took a nasty face first ramming into the mat. Odd botch here where Dalis tried to do an armdrag and missed. They then checked her for injuries. Kong got a camel clutch and a bite on the nose for the 1st fall win. Seductora took a fans drink during the break but returned it. Kong squashed Seductora with a big elbow and she went to the outside to bend over and sell it. Comandante did her axe handle to the bridged opponent deal. My internet went out during this and I came back to Zeuxis eating a big knee. Zeuxis eliminated Dalis with a codebreaker and Seductora did a cool step over armbar on Luna for the Rudas 2nd fall win. 3rd fall then started. They did a cool move where Commandante picked up and whipped Zeux into Kong. Seductora did a top rope silla on Luna. Commandate then did a big spin on Dalis. I may not like Comandante but I like that move. They had a big pile up then all went into their own failed pins. Dalis got tossed into Goya then Goya put her on the top rope. Dalis did a missed splash and did a pretty bad rollup for a nearfall. Kong hit a hard powerbomb on Zeuxis to take the win for the technicas. Not a good one hereat all. They interviewed Zeuxis between falls and I think she challenged Goya Kong and talked about Puerto Rico. They also interviewed a female fan who liked the rudos.

Diamante, Máscara Dorada, Super Porky vs Ephesto, Misterioso Jr., Puma
Why did Porky have to be in this? Anyone got a good explanation? Take him out and this would be rather awesome. Still could be though I guess. Porky danced with the ring girls pre-match which is always funny. He took it further today and danced with 3 of them. Nice exchange with Misterioso and Dorada to start. Porky came in to the biggest ovation of the night. Heels got the pin here with a Gory Special bomb on the knees from Misterioso and Puma literally dropkicking Diamante in the butt. Puma went after Diamante's mask in the 2nd. Misterioso through Dorada up high before pulling him down hard on the mat. Dorada did a springboard hurricanrana on Ephesto and a great springboard con giro on him before Porky sat on Misterioso for the technicos win while Diamante did an armbar on Puma. 3rd fall time. Dorada did a sweet multi-rotation sattelite headscissors. Dorada did a super sweet double jump hurrancanrana up the ropes on Puma. Awesome move there. Puma did a beatdown on Diamante and even stomped his head for good measure. Misterioso took a wild shoulder into the post and Diamante did a tope con giro onto two men. Porky then did a dive on Puma, Dia and Misteriosos. Dorada did an awesome corkscrew armdrag off the ropes for the Technicos win. Pretty good match here as I had hoped. Dorada was so awesome and his double jump hurracanrana was great. Rating:*** due to Dorada.

 Rush, Maximo and Marco cut promo's during the break. Marco talked all in Spanish which was neat.

CMLL Welterweight Title - Pólvora vs Valiente 
 Polvora came out with the giant sombrero and bullets then danced with the one ring girl who may be Aly. Valiente had a cool furry spanish top piece. A fan had a cool Polvora sign with his mask on it. They did some chain wrestling to start. They did a nice double bridge for both of them to get out. Valiente did a nice tope en reversa. Valiente did a double arm trap with a leg grab and a pose to take the 1st. Valiente did a power tope in the second to send Polvora a row or two back in the 2nd. He then hit another one that sent Polvora even further back. Vali hit a great moonsault only to get kicked in the gut and ate a nasty high angle powerbomb for the Polvora win in the 2nd. Lots of pin attempts at the start of the 3rd. Polvora hit a Laso from El Paso but Vali went to the ropes. Then they traded abdominal stretches. Valiente did a sweet inside to outside armdrag on Polvora as he went over the top to drag him. He then hit his awesome double jump blind moonsault which was a thing of beauty. He then hit a hard neck stretching move but Vali wouldn't give. Polvora then did a dive from the top onto Vali on the outside. Vali then tried a crossboyd from the top but got dropkicked in the meantime. Vali went for a high powerbomb but Polvora reversed it into a pin attempt. Polvora hit a nasty electric chair drop for the win. Vali went straight on his neck. That had to suck. Good match here with a nice length to it and a big finish. Rating:***

Valiente got stretchered out immediately after. Hopefully it is just selling as he's been on a roll. Polvora got interviewed after. He may have mentioned challenging Rey Escorpion after but I'm not sure.

Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis 
Aguila had ridiculous tiger facepaint on today. Kraneo and Mije did the gangnam style dance as they came out. That never gets old. Dancing midgets = money. Psicosis came out to Cowboys from Hell. Marco did the Rick Rude dance and Mije kicked him. Marco picked him up but Mije's friends made the save. Aguila then returned the favor with the same dance after. Marco took a big sit out chokeslam then a high Mije splash for the rudos win. Boring second fall here with Marco throwing Mije up so high on Kraneo and Aguila pinning Kraneo. Rush then kicked Mije out after. Poor Mije really takes abuse. Marco did a high dropkick on Aguila in the 3rd. Rush did his big double stomp on Kraneo and Psicosis then kicked Mije out again. Maximo kissed Aguila in the 3rd then him and Rush got cleared out by Kraneo. He did the gangnam dance and Marco followed it behind him. Marco then threw Mije out to the wrestlers and did his big over the top dive. The faces then did a pose with Maximo crawling underneat both. Psicosis then pinned Marco somehow out of this to take the 3rd out of nowhere after Mije nutted Marco in revenge. Eh, he deserved it. Skip this one as it stunk. Rush talked on the mic after and was not happy. The rudos then got interviewed and they said they wanted the National Trios Titles.

Overall thoughts: 2 *** matches with lots of crap before and after. It's your call on this one.

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