Sunday, February 24, 2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 2/23/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre 2/23/2013

Show 1 from last week is here:

Show 2 from last week is here:

Savio and his crew united with Invader #1 to start the show:

Thunder y Lightning vs Samson Walker and Andy Leavine
Thunder y Lightning got the win here with a botched 3D. The finish was out of nowhere and they didn't show much of this.

Savio Vega and Chris Angel got into it when Angel was cutting a promo and I believe Sebastian Guerra made the save leading to a match.

Savio Vega vs Sebastian Guerra
Savio Vega won with his super sidekick. The match ended right as it started to get good here and overall they showed very little of it.

Savio Vega then cut a promo:

Puerto Rican Title - El Chicano vs El Leon Apolo
El Chicano got the win here when he rolled up Apolo from the wheelbarrow position. Good match here. They did some decent brawling and I liked Apolo working over Chicano hard until Chicano got the surprise win. This match made both guys look pretty decent and had a good length to it. Rating:***

Samson Walker jumped Chicano after the match:

Samson Walker then cut a promo:
"After the beating I gave you, the WWC office will have no choice but to give me a title match. That is my belt and you're walking around on my island with it." - Samson Walker
They showed some clips to close the show with Diabolico beating AJ Castillo and Super Fenix hitting a TKO on Ray Gonzalez. Savio Vega cut a promo and I got this screen cap off of it:

Lots of promos and stuff to end the show and we saw Carlos Colon getting an okay from the doctors office, presumably for a match?

Overall thoughts: Chicano vs Apolo was good but the show was really promo heavy and hard to really enjoy unless you speak the language.

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