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TNA Impact Wrestling 2/7/2013 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 2/7/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Ace's and 8's came out to start the show:
He did his usual bit about how Ace's will destroy TNA and talked about Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff joining them.
Garrett just said he joined because of a total lack of respect from the crowd.
"You wanna know why I did this? It's because of you Hulk Hogan. You didn't answer my phone calls for 2 years and then you told me that I gotta start from the bottom and work my way to the top. A Brisco at the bottom? And then, you wanna know throw me in a Gut Check match? Did you forget something Hogan? Who gave you your first pair of wrestling boots? A hall of famer, my father. And this is the respect you wanna show me?" - Wes Brisco
Brooke Hogan told Tara she had a match with Tessmacher tonight in which Jesse was banned from ringside. She then told Jesse that he could get her a coffee.

X-Division title - Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King vs Zema Ion

RVD got the win here on Ion after King hit him with a Northern Lights. The match wasn't bad and about what you would expect but it was a little sloppy.

Aries and Roode talked about how great they are and said they will get the tag titles tonight.

Bruce Prichard and D'Lo Brown talked about their disappointment in Wes and Garrett and said Kurt Angle would come back to make them pay.

Jesse talked about nothing until James Storm stopped it.

He said he would kick him in the face, drink some beer and take his head and show the crowd how he kicked all the teeth out of his face. Taz then confirmed that there was no dentist in the building for Jesse's teeth.

James Storm vs Jesse

Storm won with a last call superkick.The highlight was his helicopter powerbomb on Jesse. The match was rather short and not that interesting though I loved it when Taz called Jesse's abdominal stretch a "pectacular stretch". After the match, Storm pretended Jesse was a ventriloquist doll and talked through the mic.

TNA Tag Titles - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

 Aries got the win with the 450. Pretty good match here with a hot crowd. The finish was pretty neat. Roode walked out after getting mad at Aries and the faces celebrated. Then he returned out of nowhere and they regained the advantage for the win. Bad Influence is TNA's best team but Aries and Roode are right up there. A match between those four would be amazing. Rating:**3/4

Bully Ray made sure Sting knew how to ask for the tables tonight and Bully/Hulk had a long talk about Bully not being a good guy. This ended with Bully calling Hulk "Dad".

Tara vs Ms Tessmacher

Tessmacher got the win here. The story of it was Tara looking for Jesse and being pretty out of it without him. Tessmacher used this to get the win when Tara's attention wasn't there. This was your typical lewd Tessmacher match with lots of TNA spots, not the company, actual TNA.

The brought out the winner of TNA British Bootcamp, Spud.
He talked about winning it until The Robbie's came out.

Spud got a shot in on E when T moved. T and Spud then posed a little in ring while E was upset. Sting was hyping up Bully Ray backstage and Brooke came and got all excited over Bully.

Tables Match - Sting and Bully Ray vs Devon and Doc

Bully Ray got the win with a chokeslam on Devon through a table. Decent match here with some okay brawling. Ace's looked like goofs but what else is new. Bully hulked up near the end here en route to victory. Bully Ray also wore facepaint since he was teaming with Sting.

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't bad. Everything was okay and it had some decent stuff.

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