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WWE Superstars 2/23/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 2/23/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

"The reason I'm dressed up like Han Solo is because the stars are at war. We are on the road to Wrestlemania." - Matt Striker

Drew McIntyre vs Sin Cara
Slater and Jinder are thrown out
"What was that? Was that a tilt-a-whirl piledriver?" - Matt Striker
"I used to do that in video games. That is one of the most innovative and ingenious moves I've ever seen." - Matt Striker
"That is an amazing manuever and Sin Cara needs to use that manuever every time he is in the ring." - Striker
Sin Cara got the win with an Io Shirai short hurracanrana. Man is this an odd match to rate. They started out rough but picked up better towards the end with the usual 3MB shenanigans in the middle. Matches like these make me wish Drew wasn't in 3MB as this would have been better without the 3MB shenanigans. It was still good though and I did like Cara's comeback. The crowd loved the finish as well and Striker really put it over. Rating:***

Naomi and Cameron vs Alicia Fox and Natalya
Striker imitated Natalya and said she's the type that never stops talking.
"That was not funny." - Natalya

"Alicia Fox, the first African American to hold the Divas title." - Tony Dawson
He is correct, but the divas title has only been around 2-3 years and Jacqueline and Jazz held the WWF Women's Title.
"Look at that, a modified airplane spin. Somewhere, Mike Rotundo is smiling." - Matt Striker

"Whoa! Iceman Parsons, the Butt-Butt! Look at that, Naomi using all of her assets. And it looks like Moose's Caboose is on the loose." - Matt Striker
The Funkadactyl's got the win when Naomi hit a springboard crossbody. Good match here highlighted with Naomi's comeback. Everytime she wrestles, Naomi looks like the best women's wrestler in the WWE. She just has so much energy in all of her moves and is really good with using her agility. This was alot of fun and well worth a look. Really good stuff here! Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: This is some of Superstars at its best! Don't miss this one!

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