Friday, February 15, 2013

WWE Superstars 2/15/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 2/15/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Titus O'Neil vs Justin Gabriel
"Now, that's not the way you welcome me into this arena." - Titus O'Neil
I think they were in Tennessee for this as he said the Florida Gators beat the Tennessee Volunteers like "a couple of washrags" even though the Gators suck.

"Instead of the way y'all yeehaw clap for winners or whatever it is you do here in Tennessee..."
"I want y'all to take your hands up here and put them up here and give me a big ole gator chomp baby." - Titus O'Neil
"This matchup happened because Justin Gabriel is a huge Peyton Manning fan and Titus O'Neil was quick to point out that Peyton Manning never beat the Florida Gators. Justin Gabriel said, alright, I'll just beat you tonight." - Matt Striker
"That's my terrible South African accent, but you get the point. Colonel Debeers would be miserable." - Matt Striker
Justin Gabriel got the upset win with the 450. Decent match here with both guys looking fine. It was rather quick though and they didn't get to do too much. I did like Titus getting some mic time beforehand and I definitely think he will be a fulltime singles wrestler sooner than later.
Natalya vs Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn got the win with a spear. Short match but it was good. Natalya sold well and the cameras got a good shot of everything to add to the match. I'd like to see these two get more time because I think they can do even better.

Overall thoughts: Good show with two decent matches! Not a must get but you shouldn't be disappointed.

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