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WWE NXT 2/27/2013 Review

WWE NXT 2/27/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Bo Dallas and Dusty Rhodes were talking when Corey Graves came in. He returned the title to Dusty and Dusty said Bo earned what he's got.
Dusty then signed Corey Graves vs Bo Dallas vs Conor O'Brian in a #1 Contenders match for tonight.

Justin Gabriel vs Leo Kruger
Kruger went after Tyson Kidd last week which led to this. You can see it here:
"Your such a load of rubbish sometimes. You state the obvious far too much." - William Regal to Tony Dawson
Gabriel got the win with a 450. They got alot of time here and some nearfalls and it ended up being good. Crowd was pretty into it as well and it felt like a main event match. Kruger hit Gabriel with the crutch in the stomach after.

Aksana vs Emma
"Australia's Dancing Queen." - Regal

"Oh dear, that was akward." - Tony Dawson
"You can't dance, you can't dance." - The crowd
"She'll have a cauliflowered dairy aire after that." - Regal after Aksana got put on her backside.
"Lance Storm taught her how to wrestle, not how dance. But, he can't dance either." - Regal
Aksana won with a spinebuster. Emma's gimmick is just weird. I'm not sure if the gimmick is that she's a special ed girl who thinks she can dance, but I don't think it is working. Okay, you immediately know Emma due to her dancing but you definitely don't want to cheer her and she's not really a heel, so the crowd's response is basically WTF. This was not very good.

Bo Dallas was unconscious backstage, which probably means he won't be in the three way tonight. What a shame that would be. Then again, Graves vs O'Brian isn't a really interesting match either.

Corey Graves vs Bo Dallas vs Conor O'Brian
Well, minus Graves, this is a collection of guys who I think are overpushed. Alot of people are going to say Graves is as well, but he isn't the Adrian Neville type and is more of a long term character to get into.
No contest here as The Shield interfered to stop a dreadful main event. Remember last week's main event? This was similarly bad and The Shield jumping in was the best part.

Overall thoughts: The opener was good but it all sucked from there. Too many people missing from the show as well which hurt it. Skip it.

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  1. emma climbed so high in my favourite female wrestlers of all time list from what she did here. and I'm super confused to your reaction to her but it's ok because everyone loves her now :)

    graves is the absoloute worst to me. he's NXT's gunner from TNA.