Thursday, February 21, 2013

WWE NXT 2/21/2013 Review

WWE NXT 2/21/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

William Regal and Tom Phillips are your announcers. If you thought Tony Dawson was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet with Tom Phillips.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Bray Wyatt
"I feel danger and I feel evil right here in the NXT arena." - Regal
The finish
Bray Wyatt got the win with a spinning reverse STO. Tom Phillips  dropped two different "Oh my goodness" lines in the 3 minutes this was on alone, so lets see how many he has by the end. Bray looked good here.
Bray Wyatt showed his family video of them getting whooped last week.

"Your brother is the man that caused us to lose the NXT tag team titles. How do you feel now? Hit him. Hit him." - Bray to Rowan
Bray then stirred the point after Rowan slapped Harper and told Harper how he carries the team and is his general.

Wyatt then grabbed the both of them and said he was proud of them.

Renee Young interviewed Sasha Banks who was excited to meet her secret admirer.
"I can't wait for you to see the desire in my eyes..."
"Here comes the big surprise."
"I've been injured and this is what they replaced me with? Sasha, get out of NXT. Love, your secret admirer." - Audrey Marie
 EL LOCAL vs Xavier Woods
"Xavier Woods is basically a walking 90's TV show." - Tom Phillips | "He looks like Steve Urkel from Family Matters if he spent 5 days at the gym a week." - Tom
"I know he's a little more technical than your average luchador." - Tom
"What are you talking about? A little more technical than your average luchador? You talk alot of old trife sometimes Tom, honestly. They're all technical." - William Regal, announcer of the year for that. Way to go!
"Does El Local look to you like a guy who would dive off the top rope?" - Tom
"What are you saying there?" - Regal
"I'm saying he's a little portly." - Tom
Xavier Woods got the win with a spike tornado DDT. Good match here but too short. El Local looked good like always and Xavier felt above the level of most of the guys here. I really wish this could have gotten a few more minutes because these guys didn't get to show even a fraction of what they can do.
Dr. Samson of WWE said they are still running tests on Paige.

Sasha Banks vs Audrey Marie
"What is the effectiveness of this hold right here William?" - Tom
"If you need me to explain what that's doing to you, you shouldn't be here." - William Regal
Audrey Marie got the win with a wheelbarrel slam which she called "The Photo Finish". The match wasn't anything special and the highlight was Tom Phillips' stupid comment. Where do they find these goofs?

"Paige has no range of motion in her shoulder." - Renee
"Paige has no range of emotion anywhere in her life." - Summer Rae
"From now on Renee, you're only to refer to me as the first lady of NXT." - Summer Rae
Tyson Kidd was interviewed. He came out on crutches and said he was flattered at CM Punk's comment about him being an underappreciated workhorse.
Leo Kruger came out and said Tyson Kidd should have stayed away and he will end his career.
Kruger kicked Tyson and went for an attack but Gabriel stopped him to no reaction.

Big E Langston vs Conor O'Brian
This match went to a double DQ when the ref got tossed aside. This was a giant turd. They did all your typical power vs power matchup stuff and it was like Warrior/Hogan without any of the good parts. Very boring match here and a candidate for the Worst Match of 2013.

After the match Graves hit Big E from behind and took the title. Good thing we haven't seen any angles where titles were stolen recently in the WWE:

Overall thoughts: Well this had some good stuff and some pretty awful stuff. Audrey Marie being the secret admirer was stupid and the main was atrocious. Summer Rae was really good though and I'm totally up for a El Local vs Xavier Woods rematch.


  1. Hearing Tom Phillips on commentary makes me appreciate Tony Dawson. Phillips to me is basically a poor man's Michael Cole and should stick to backstage interviews instead.

  2. I thinl that by this point, WWE is trolling us by pairing regal with tom philips. and they're making us talk about it and enjoy regal in it, so, good ?!