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CWA Memphis TV 3/27/1982 - LOSER LEAVES TOWN

CWA Memphis TV 3/27/1982

We got a quick Bill Dundee interview:
"Billy, hows the arm doing?"
"It ain't doing too good and I don't feel too good today."
"Right now, I don't think I could beat the prettiest girl in here."
"Maybe I'm gettin' older Lance, I don't know."
We then got a promo with the First Family:

"The fans are cryin' and we're cryin'. Look at all this cryin' towel Bill Dundee."

"I'm even wearing my Superstar Dundee mourning button for him."

"You know Steve Keirn, you done put yourself in the hands of two vultures."
"We just gonna see how much punishment you can take in the Louisville Gardens." 
We then got highlights from Steve Keirn and Robert Gibson vs Sweet Brown Sugar and Bobby Eaton:

Keirn's about to get caned.
Gibson made a nice comeback here then Sugar promptly threw him over the top. Looked to be about ** before it happened.

We then got highlights from Lawler vs Mantel:

Lawler takes a chair
"Well they said anything goes." - Lance Russell

The ref stopped the match after they excessively brawled in the crowd. They went all up in the second tier of the arena.

We then got a Dutch promo:

"This thing has gone far enough. I flat don't like that guy."
"Lawler your time has come, and I'm the guy to put pressure on you. I'm gonna kick your teeth in before it's all over."

"I don't think the place is big enough for the both us and I'd like to do something never before done."
"Let's go for all the marbles, everything there is."


"It's either me or it's either Lawler. The place ain't big enough for the both of us."
Dutch challenges Lawler to a Loser Leaves town match live on TV, but Lance makes it seem like it can't happen. AWESOME Promo. You want all of this.

Lawler then cut a promo:
"You have just seen the classic example of man letting his alligator mouth overload his humming bird rear-end."
"We're gonna have ourselves a match right now. The winner can grab this belt right here and the loser can get himself a bus ticket out of Memphis, Tennessee."

LOSER LEAVES TOWN - AWA Southern Title - Jerry Lawler vs Dutch Mantel:

"These guys have just about killed each other in their previous meetings." - Lance Russell
"The Dutchman gotta be seeing a few stars after that one." - Dave Brown
Lawler eats the post, then trips over the chair
"Payback time" - Dave Brown
Lawler drops the strap
"Lawler, this is stupid, Lawler."
"That's the toughest son of a gun I ever fought in my life."
"Lawler, come here."
"This is stupid. This is foolish."
"In the long run, we ain't gonna be around here. We gon' kill each other. I said you're the tough man."
"We used to be friends, we let this come between us. And everytime we wrestle, that First Family, that Midnight Express, they laugh their brains out because we made their life alot easier."
"Since we started wrestling each other, Gibson's hurt, Dundee's hurt, the whole things fallin' apart."
"Why don't we be a team? You keep the Southern Belt."
"If you're man enough to admit I'm the champion and I'm the better man..."
"Can they change the card? Put Dutch and I against the First Family or something like that?"
"Let me ask these people, do you think that there's any team around that can beat myself and Dutch Mantel?"
"NOOOO" - Crowd
Dutch counts his own pin
"I've seen alot of lousy things in there but Dutch, that's the lousiest thing I ever saw."

"Excuse me Lance, but I think this belongs to me, and someone needs to help Lawler find a way out of there." 
"Dutch Mantel in a situation, just the pulled the lowest thing in there."

Do I even need to tell you how good this was? This was an absolutely awesome angle. These men played their roles to PERFECTION and Dutch owned it with the last minute turn. I also LOVE how he counted his own pin and took the belt, just to make things more embarassing for Lawler. 5 stars.

"HAHAHAHA. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life, man." - Jimmy Hart at the booth
"Okay, Chuckles, let's move on." - Lance Russell 

Stan Lane, Eric Embry, Robert Gibson and Steve Keirn vs Luke Williams, The Monk, The Angel and The Dream Machine

Kelly Shane/Kelly Hart is now known as JR Hart Jr.

Embry vs Dream
Angel goes for THE CLAW~!
Hart with the stick
Hart's Family got DQ'd after Hart used the stick at 6:02. This one wasn't too bad. There was a ton of heat for it, that's for sure.

Jerry Lawler then cut a house show promo:
"Every word I said about that low-life, back-stabbin', stinkin' scum is true."
"Now, he actually thinks with that pea brain of his than I'm goin'."
"I'm goin' right at you and I'm gonna get my hands around your neck, friend. I'm gonna shake something and it's not your hand. I'm gonna get my hands around that neck of yours and shake the life out of you, Dutch Mantel."
"You wanna be friends? You don't have any friends and you never had any friends."
 "I don't care if it goes outside on the street Dutch Mantel, it's gonna go until I leave you layin' in the middle of that ring in a pool of your own stinkin' blood."
"You're not gonna see me, Louisville or wrestling every again."

Overall thoughts: This was a MUST-SEE episode of Memphis wrestling. The Lawler vs Dutch match was 5 stars with a classic angle. You have to see this one ASAP. This is Memphis at its best.

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