Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WWE Main Event 2/27/2013

WWE Main Event 2/27/2013

Last week's show is here:

Cody and Kaitlyn ran into each other and then Sheamus came in.
Sheamus made fun of Cody's mustache and he had enough and challenged him to a match. I was on Cody's side here as Sheamus literally made fun of him for absolutely no reason and tried to gain on the girl he liked.
Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes
Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick. Cody got in some decent offense but the result was all the same. Cody had no chance, but if there ever was a time to give him one, tonight was it.
Justin Gabriel vs. Mark Henry
Henry won in mere minutes with the World's Strongest Slam. This was a giant waste of time and a waste of Gabriel.

They then did a package on Ryback.

Cody was pissed in the back and Kaitlyn said, "The lovestache doesn't give up".
Overall thoughts: This is the kind of Main Event episode that worries me. We got all squashes this week and got a bunch last week as well. Main Event's been great because we've gotten long matches which have given people time to shine, not short squashes. Almost half the show was about Raw too which was not something I was interested in since I already saw Raw.

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