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WWE Main Event 2/10/2013 Review

WWE Main Event 2/10/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Big Show came out and yelled at the announcers for showing him losing to Alberto Del Rio. 
"You better watch your mouth too pretty boy." - Show to Miz
Show said no one was brave enough to laugh in his face and challenge him and this brought out the Uso's.

The Big Show vs The Uso's
Show was taking care of buisness until eating a double suplex and some other moves. The Uso's even hit double splashes but Show kicked out. Show then recovered with double chokeslams for the easy squash win.

The Big Show vs Brodus Clay

Clay controlled the early portion of the match with headbutts before getting thrown out. We then went to commercial.  Show was still back in control as we returned with headbutts to the chest. Show then got the win soon after with a knockout punch from nowhere. It wasn't that bad really but I can think of 100 people who could have done more.

Big Show vs. Great Khali
Khali hit his big chops early and tried to get a tree slam to no success. He then hit his big chop again and Show rolled out looking extremely tired. Show ended up getting Khali counted out with a KO punch to take the 3rd win of the night.
Miz then said he wanted to make the show must see and went after Show. He got a bunch of shots in and dropkicked Show to his knees. He hit a bunch of kicks and cleared Show out.

"Hey could we get this TV straightened out over here? And I think these drapes need to be refurnished or something." - Brad Maddox
"It's the Brad Maddox and Vickie era. It's the Brickie era." - Brad Maddox

Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger cut a promo on immigration. It was pretty lame.

"Talkin' bout you African? I'm African." - Titus O'Neil
Justin Gabriel said he wasn't scared of anything and Titus O' Neil came in. Gabriel asked if Titus wanted to talk numbers and Gabriel said 450, referring to his splash. Titus said 450 will be the number of ways he beats him tonight.

Justin Gabriel vs. Titus O'Neil

Cena was on the Fruit Pebbles Box.

"You get in here and I'll do you like that too chump. Sit yo ass down." - Titus to a fan
Gabriel has new white tights. Gabriel got Titus out early and hit a dropkick through the ropes to send him out. Gabriel went for a springboard at one point and Titus simply just booted him off. Titus hit a huge fallaway slam where he didn't even fall. He just threw him up and over his head. Titus hit a so so clothesline where Gabriel did a big flip bump off of it. Gabriel hit a sweet enzugiri and a 450 to get the upset win. Good match here with both guys looking great.

Overall thoughts: The last match was good but the rest was skippable.

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