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TNA Impact Wrestling 1/31/2013 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 1/31/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Bad Influence said it was throwback thursday and they were paying tribute to the real warriors of the United Kingdom, the Scots! They were dressed up like Braveheart.
They said that next time Daniels fights Hardy, he will get the title.

Magnus returned. He called Daniels a strange man and said Jeff Hardy beat him down, which is why he isn't champion. He also called them disrespectful muppets. He challenged them to a match since they were dressed up like William Wallace and since he's an Englishman.
They then went at it before Magnus threw them both out.
He called out Devon for a match.

Magnus vs Devon
Magnus won by DQ when Ace's unsuccessfully interfered. The match wasn't bad and was one of Magnus' best showings yet along with a hot crowd. Kind of an odd ending as they really should have put him over someone.

Everyone was waiting for Hulk backstage.

Joseph Park came out:
E called Park a hamster along with everyone in the UK which bothered Terry:
Robbie then challenged Park.

Robbie E vs Joseph Park

Joseph Park beat Robbie E with a middle rope splash. Just a quick one here and Robbie in control early before Park taking it home for the victory. Park was celebrating like crazy after the win and really put it over. He had great facials.

Hulk arrived backstage.

Roode and Aries said they are getting on the same page:
They said they want to take all the gold, including the knockouts titles. But they said they would start with the tag titles.
They called Hernandez and Chavo wankers and they came out:
They said Roode/Aries aren't a real tag team so they can't challenge. However, they agreed to singles matches.

Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Aries won with a sweet brainbuster. The match wasn't bad but nothing too special. Roode interfered near the end and Hernandez went through the ring after him. Aries also hit a really sick corner dropkick here. Due to Aries winning, Roode and Aries get a tag title shot.

Kurt wanted Ace's tonight and Joe and crew said they would protect him. Then Garrett mentioned about protecting Joe and Joe got mad about it for no reason. Kurt said, it's just Joe.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan came out about getting Bully's suspension lifted:
Bully said he and Hulk are family now and they need to join together to fight Ace's and 8's. Bully Ray said Sting can get them to be on the same team.

Sting came out and said if the people chant for Hulk, he will come.
He said because he always does the right thing for his family, Bully Ray is reinstated. He made Ace's vs Sting and Bully Ray in a tables match for next week.

Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray shook hands to end the segment.

Velvet Sky came out and called Jesse and Tara out:
She said James Storm wants to be her partner against Jesse and Tara

James Storm and Velvet Sky vs Jesse and Tara

Velvet Sky got the win with the sit out pedigree. Not much of a match here and the focus was on Taz arguing and fighting with Todd. Yeah, I'm way over the heel Taz character now. I didn't even like him before, but I can't stand him now.

Hogan said Bully is okay in his book, especially after taking the beat down for his daughter. He said they are in it together.
Mr. Anderson said he had a long flight to think about what he's gonna do to Kurt Angle.

Samoa Joe was down in the back but no one knew how:

Cage match - Mr. Anderson vs Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle beat Mr. Anderson with an ankle lock in a good match. The heat was great and Angle took a nasty bump on his head while Anderson took a super angle slam. Lots of punches here and brawling and TNA smartly cut a hole in the cage to catch most of it. After the match, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco turned on Kurt Angle revealing Ace's and 8's jackets and beating him up. Even though I kind of heard about it for months, I will still kind of surprised and thought it was a good reveal. Rating:**3/4

Overall thoughts: The show was alright with a good ending.

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