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Ring of Honor TV 2/23/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 2/23/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Kevin Steen came out. He said he thought winning the title would help kill this company, even though he loved it. He said he wanted to put ROH out of its misery due to what Jim Cornette did to it. He said the company is about pure wrestling now since Jim Cornette is gone. He said he is now proud of the company since Jim Cornette left and said Jay Lethal deserves a title shot because he got rid of Jim Cornette. He said Jay Lethal can't beat him. I've been watching ROH for a long time and I really don't see too much of a change from the Cornette era until now.

They did simultaneous interviews with Tadarius Thomas and Matt Taven. Tadarius said he has been a pro for four years and Taven said TD took his spot when he joined ROH last year. Tadarius said Taven isn't going to know how to deal with his unique offense. Taven said this is his time and winning the tournament will jump start his career. Taven said TD is a nice guy, but a stepping stone. TD said he would bring everything he has to the table. I really liked this segment as both guys got mic time. They did this UFC style and just were honest about why they wanted to win.

C&C were interviewed about their match with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs.
Alexander said they better have a whole bag of tricks and Coleman said, "Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids".  Coleman talked about how SCUM doesn't want to be here and they do and they said they would show how people like them who want to work hard and put in the work perform. He said they would send SCUM home on Worker's Comp.

Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer were at the booth but they didn't know where Truth Martini was.

Top Prospect Tournament Finals - Tadarius Thomas vs Matt Taven
Truth Martini came down during the match. Some woman yelled "The truth shall set you free" and Kevin Kelly said, "That woman needs mental help".
Truth trips up Taven
Todd Sinclair eats a spin kick
Truth Martini tries to give Tadarius Thomas his boot
Matt Taven gets the boot and tries to use it

Truth Martini brains Tadarius Thomas with The Book of Truth
"The bible of bullcrap just knocked his block off." - Caleb Seltzer
Matt Taven beat Tadarius Thomas with a roll-up. Lots of "hoopla" as Truth would say, went down here. The storyline was actually pretty well built here as for weeks, Truth Martini was been saying that Tadarius Thomas would win the tournament. He came down and tried to help Tadarius Thomas, who wanted none of it. He threw TD his boot several times and TD threw it back. Truth then threw it in again and Taven got ahold of it. Taven was acting like a heel during the match and he tried to use the book, but missed. He ran TD into the ropes and Truth smashed TD with his book for the Taven win. After the match, Taven seemed unsure about joining Truth but Truth said something in his ear and Taven bit it. The match wasn't bad, but the story here was definitely in the angle. I thought the angle was well done and I can accept TD losing here due to the circumstances, though a big win would have helped. Either way it was a pretty good angle overall and it helped get Truth Martini back in the mix with Matt Taven.

Inside Ring of Honor
Charlie Haas said that he wouldn't be having a match with BJ Whitmer in Chicago as BJ won't be making it due to Haas attacking him at the car dealership. He said, "The only sweat I'm gonna break that night is opening up a can of Chuck Lites".

C&C said they don't have time for tricks from SCUM and said at the 11th Anniversary, SCUM will be in for some overtime.
Davey Richards(RESPECT!) said that Rocky Romero of Forever Hooligans should watch out because they are in America and not Japan. He said him and Edwards are brothers, not just partners and they both said that the Wolves are on the prowl.

Kyle O'Reilly said that the Briscoes reign would be shortlived. Bobby the Fish said, "Jay Briscoe, I'd love to call you the brains of the operation, but that would be an oxymoron".  Fish first called Mark Briscoe, Rooster and Cock before remembering that his nickname is Chicken. He said, "don't even think about bringing that redneck kung-fu crap to Chicago".

Truth Martini just laughed.
Elgin said that you shouldn't pick fights that you can't win. He then said that Strong signed his own death certificate and he's about to engrave the tombstone.

Jay Lethal said all the distractions were away and he's coming for everything Steen's got.

Jay Lethal then came back to talk as we ended Inside ROH. Lethal said Steen is just playing mind games with him and said his parents would be miles away for the match. He said, "I think that I can win, because you think that I can't".

Strong said he's beaten Elgin twice and will do it again. Fish said that they just beat the Wolves and would be happy to put another whooping on the Wolves.

The American Wolves and Michael Elgin vs Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly and Roderick Strong
The Briscoe Brothers were at the booth to scout out Fish and O'Reilly. Mark said, "We got Bobby The Fish and Kyle O'Reilly Auto Parts".

"O'Reilly's going with the slick hairdo today." - Mark "Chicken" Briscoe
"The Wolves as you can say are wearing very snazzy vests." - Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe said that Eddie Edwards chopped hardest compared to Roderick Strong.
"We might be able to go to another commercial break I'm sure as long as he hold him up there." - Mark
"Bobby Fish's head is turning a wonderful shade of purple." - Mark
"When you talking about a genuine ass, Steve Corino is just the definition. I actually did look up genuine ass in the dictionary the other day and they didn't have any other words, just Steve Corino's picture." - Mark Briscoe
"Rapid fire. Oh my dear lord. Look like Kenta Kobashi out there. That's fully automatic right there, I'll tell ya, that's full automatic." - Mark
"Kevin let me ask you, if Bobby Fish were an actual fish, what type of fish would he be?" - Mark

Strong got the win on Elgin with a double knee suplex. The 2nd half was pretty good with a fast pace and lots of moves. Elgin had Kyle on his back and still picked up Fish for a german which was the coolest spot of the night. We got lots of dueling kicks with Elgin/Davey and then Strong was able to hit some backbreakers on Elgin for the win. Good match overall with a quick pace and signature moves.

Overall thoughts: No complaints here. We got some storylines, everyone got some time to talk and the wrestling was good.


  1. This week was good. I like Steen promo, first match was OK althought could be better. Main event was very good.
    I expect a great show at 11th Anniversary Show.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I liked the show too as a whole and yeah, the opener could have been better.

      I don't have high hopes for the Anniversary show but I'd like it to be great too.

  2. My picks for 11th Anniversary Show:
    Steen (but it is possible that we're gonna have a new champion), Briscoes, Cole, Wolves, Haas, Elgin, Corino and Jacobs, Thomas