Sunday, February 10, 2013

NOAH 1/27/2013 - Von Erich's vs Bravados II

NOAH 1/27/2013 - Von Erich's vs Bravados II

This is a return match as they fought a week earlier. I reviewed it here:

Marshall Von Erich got the win with a claw into a pin. This wasn't much better than their first match. The Von Erich's are still green and The Bravado's don't have much going on in any sense. Marshall does some alright moves though and Ross hits hard.


  1. I wanted to post a response to Dylan's response which didn't appear on here for some reason.

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun Dylan. Gotta love seeing joshi love! There's nothing better though someone getting hit with a light tube at BJW isn't far off!

    I'd love to see the VE's become successful. I'm a big fan of the VE's so I hope their sons will become stars too.

    Thanks for checking out the blog and some of the podcasts I've done. I appreciate it and hope to hear from you more!

  2. Glad to get a response from you. I have listened to the DVDVR podcasts for seemingly ever but have never thought about contacting anyone as I am originally from New Zealand which is literally a world away. These days I live in Seoul studying for my masters degree and hope to go to Japan more often to watch some shows. I hope the Von Erichs do well also as they do seem to have the raw talent to do so. I will upload some pics from the trip sometime soon and give you a link. Also from listening to the podcast I have a photo that dean would love of Ryota Hama flipping off the BJW crowd. Awesome to see Korakuean hate toward the fat fella.