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CWA Memphis TV 10/1/1983

CWA Memphis TV 10/1/1983

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcome us to the show:

The Rock'n'Roll Express vs Jesse Owens and The Galaxian
The Galaxian was said to be from "The Twilight Zone".
Gibson got the win with the weird pin above in 3:32. Quick squash here and the action was pretty fast.

They showed the Fabulous Ones video to Sharp Dressed Man along with the interview with the trophy after. I review it some of it at the bottom here:

We then got the Jackie Fargo that followed, that I reviewed in the above link.

"I'm gonna take the bull by the horns Hansen and beat you like a dog." - Austin Idol
"Now that we're the Southern Champions, we'll put the belts up against any of your guys. Any night a week, twice a day." - Dutch Mantel
"Hart, have you looked around? Everything is drifting away from you. Dutch is just like me. If it takes some chains or brass knucks to do the job, we'll do it." - Koko B. Ware

Dutch Mantel and Koko B. Ware vs Don Donovan and Pat Hutchinson
"They say for alot of young wrestlers, they just care to get experience out of this. I would not want to get experience out of Dutch Mantel." - Dave Brown

The pin
Koko B. Ware got the win with a top rope splash in 2:12, though the camera's missed it. Not much to say here as Dutch was in for most of this until Koko hit the finish.

"I will do anything to get them back in the ring man. I will do anything." - Hart on The Fabulous Ones
"I'll put up $5,000. I want a six man match. You can get Dundee, you can get anyone you want." - Jimmy Hart 
"The reason why is so after the match, I can get in that ring and put the boots to them, to show how bogus they really are." - Hart
The Assassins vs Ken Raper and Rocky King
"This kind of stuff doesn't impress me or show me anything. It just shows their nasty." - Lance Russell

The Assassins got the win with the splash above in 2:26. Rough squash here with Jimmy Hart and The Assassins in a bad mood after losing their tag titles. They even threw Rocky King's head into a chair that Jim Cornette had held up.

Jimmy Hart demanded they show footage of Stan Hansen in Japan against Giant Baba and Terry Funk:
"Why do you think everybody in Japan's got slanted eyes?" - Jim Cornette on Stan Hansen

Dennis Condrey and The Bruise Brothers vs Jim Jamison, Keith Eric and Mad Dog
"He ate me out of the house at home and always laid down on his back." - Jimmy Hart on why he kicked Mad Dog out of the First Family
The First Family got the win with the triple team move above. Condrey was pretty good here but this was all squash. After the match, Dundee, Big Red, Plowboy Frazier and Tom Pritchard came in and cleared out the heels from their beatdown of the jobbers.
Big Red said he was retired from wrestling to be an ordained minister but Dundee called him to take care of the First Family and he saw the light.
"We're gonna do whatever we gotta do to get rid of you and your stinkin' family, Hart." - Dundee
"We're bringing you nothin' but the best. The Russian Invader, baby." - Jimmy Hart
"This guy speaks 22 different languages." - Hart
"When you are #1, everybody is afraid of you." - The Russian Invader on why Americans don't like Russia.
Tom Pritchard, Big Red, Bill Dundee and Plowboy Frazier vs Big Lou Winston, The Galaxian, The Destroyer and The Pink Panther
The faces got the win in 4:03 with a Big Red splash. Not too much to say here except for the jobbers getting squashed by both Red and Frazier which I'm sure was not a fun experience. Red looked pretty fast though.

"Fabulous Ones, we wanna humiliate you once and for all." - Hart
"Bobby Eaton? I don't even know who this dude is. I never heard of no Bobby Eaton before." - Jesse
"You're stepping into the ring with the bodyguard of The Rolling Stones, Erica Kane of All My Children's boyfriend, what a chance of a lifetime for you, Mr. Bobby Eaton." - Jesse Ventura
"Lousiville, Kentucky, the big nasty, the bullrope is comin'." - Stan Hansen

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't bad. Nothing really must see here but I liked seeing Hansen and Jimmy Hart was good. I also loved the heel jobber superteam with three different masked guys.

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