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CWA Memphis TV 9/17/1983

CWA TV 9/17/1983

Before we start, I want to note that the footage is chopped up. It seems to focus mostly on promo's which is okay I suppose since Memphis had awesome promo's.

The disc opened up with Eddie Marlin petitioning Jerry Lawler to team with Bill Dundee.

"Ya'll have made the best team that's ever been made in the past and he asked me to ask you to sign on the dotted line." - Eddie Marlin

Lawler brought up teaming with Andy Kaufman in the past before and paying for it:

"Before I ask for a rerun of that situation, he needs to prove to the fans and himself that he's a changed man, so until then, he's going to have to find another tag team partner." - LAwler
We then cut to a Jimmy Hart promo:

"I promised to get the roughest, toughest wrestlers we could find and here he is, Mr. B, Mr. San Diego, Jesse Ventura you will be Jerry Lawler for the Southern Title." - Jimmy Hart
"You check it out Lawler, cus you ain't wrestling no comedian no more." - Jesse Ventura
"You're looking at 21 inches of solid, Mr. San Diego muscle, who can wrestle. So Jerry Lawler, get ready for the whooping of your life, boy." - Jesse

"One of the reasons I'm here is because of money. I'm a poor man and a poor man knows how to fight and scratch up from the bottom." - Stan Hansen
"The way I'm brining myself up from the ditches is starting with you, Austin Idol. I'm coming after you and that belt of yours boy. You bring them skinny bird legs of yours into that ring because I'm a hungry man. HUNGRY. And I'm not too good lookin' and I don't care if no women yell for me, cuz I ain't interested in it." - Stan Hansen
We cut to the desk then to another Stan Hansen promo.
"Everybody gaze at it. Everybody drool at it. Everybody run for it, but you can't hide, Lawler." - Stan Hansen
"Be a man, stand up son. Tell 'em where you really from. We don't make that kind of man in Texas." - Stan Hansen to Dutch Mantel

"I'm coming to this area to kick the King down...I'm coming down to stage a new era, a new ruler in Memphis. If it's not Stan Hansen, it's gotta be lariat. Ask Bruno Sammartino. This is the thing that done it." - Stan Hansen
"I chew tobacco. I'm not good lookin' and I don't care if anybody likes me or not. I got what I want, but not in this wrestling buisness."
"I'm hungry Jack, and I'n startin' right from the top. Everybodies gonna have a new household name and it's the lariat." - Stan Hansen

The Bruise Brothers - Troy Graham and Porkchop Cash vs The Rock 'n' Roll Exporess
The Rock 'n' Roll Express won when Jimmy Hart interfered and got his team DQ'd. There was very little shown before the DQ but the crowd loved the RnR's.

Robert Reed and Ken Raper made the save to stop the fighting.

They showed some clips of a fight between Dundee, Lawler and crew vs The Moondogs and crew in a brawl.

"You'll do anything to get on TV." - Hart to Marlin
"We're not gonna put up with this. We're gonna hit them where it hurts. The Moondogs, I suspended them for 30 days." - Eddie Marlin

"Terry Taylor, you got a pretty face. You know what dudes like me from San Diego do to guys like you with pretty faces?" - Jesse
"You're gonna find out, my man." - Jesse
"You lost your little belt, you went home snivelin' like some snot nosed punk in the 3rd grade." - Hansen
"This is the lariat, Austin Idol. Look at it. Live it. Know it. Respect it." - Hansen
"I don't mind fightin' anybody anywhere alive. There are no odds that can't be beaten." - Idol
"There's one thing you and I got in common, Hansen. We got big mouths and I don't mind tellin' anyone I got a big mouth." - Idol

"I'm gonna reach right down in my guts and pull the devil out, cuz I'm gonna yank that devil out and let it spill all over you. I'm gonna take you out, you creep." - Idol
"I'm gonna snuff you up one nostril and snuff you out the other." - Idol
They showed some clips from The Assassins vs The Fabulous Ones:
The Assassins got the win after Hart interference with a knee off the top to win the CWA Tag Titles.

"They come out and say, my Assassins are fat, overweight and out of shape but what's really funny is if we're so fat and out of shape, how come we're still the tag team champions?" - Hart
Jackie Fargo got Hart to agree to a match where Stan Lane's Corvette would be on the line vs The Assassins tag belts. Hart said he is so confident, he wouldn't even go to ringside for the match.

"This Corvette belongs to me. It looks exactly as it did 16 years ago when it rolled off the showroom floor." - Lane
"Who wants a 16 year old used Corvette?" - Me
"There's alot of pressure on me too. What happens if I drop that fall? What happens to the Fabulous Ones as friends?" - Keirn

We got some clips of Dutch Mantel aka Zeb Coulter and Koko Ware vs The Grapplers:
The Grapplers got the win with a loaded boot.

Dutch Mantel then cut a promo:
"I'd rather have somebody in the ring pin me than beat me at my own game." - Dutch Mantel aka Zeb Coulter
"I'm comin' after you and when I come after somebody, I usually find somebody. You show up, I'm gonna be there." - Dutch Mantel
"Ya know two weeks ago, we beat you Dundee and your illegitimate son, Bobby Eaton, half to death." - Condrey
"It's turn about fair play, well, it's turning our way again and you're going down, baby." - Condrey
We then got a video with The Fabulous Ones to Sharp Dressed Man:
The Fabs entered the studio and let me tell you, they would have been arrested for that entrance. I swear, they got kissed atleast 20 times a piece, and most of them were about age 12 and I even think a few of them were boys.
"Eat your heart out, Jimmy Hart." - Keirn
"Nuthouse Fargo. Hart, you think I'm crazy? Wait til you see the nut this Tuesday in Memphis." - Jackie Fargo
Overall thoughts: It was unfortunately just promo's without any of the good stuff that builds up to them. Disappointing disk.

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