Sunday, February 24, 2013

WWWF Championship Wrestling 10/15/1977 - Partial Review

WWWF Championship Wrestling 10/15/1977

Vince McMahon welcomes us to the show
Butcher Paul Vachon vs Bob Marcus
Butcher Paul Vachon got the win with a Hangman's Choke. Pretty boring match here and it was all squash.

Mil Mascaras vs Johnny Rodz
Mil Mascaras won with a top rope cross body. Mil did some okay stuff for 1977 but it was still boring. I'm surprised Rodz lasted as long as he did.

Stan Stasiak vs Johnny Rivera
Stan Stasiak got the win with a backbreaker in no time at all. Ever wonder why you don't hear much of WWWF Champion Stan Stasiak? It's because he sucked.

The Golden Terror vs Lenny Hurst
The Golden Terror won with a stomach claw. It was alot more even than I figured but it was still really boring.

Bob Backlund vs Bill Swift
"It appears Mr. Swift has a little excess weight around his midsection." - Vince McMahon
Bob Backlund won with an atomic drop, which believe me, was the only highlight of this thing.
I'm deciding to call it quits at this point. This show is absolutely boring and is a total waste of time.

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