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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 2/9/2013 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 2/9/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Heath Slater is on commentary. Slater said that the Funkadactyl's would be great back-up dancers for 3MB. That could be a decent angle actually. Book it.

The Primetime Players vs Kofi Kingston and Brodus Clay
"He's a big guy, ain't he? He could be security for 3MB." - Slater
Titus declared a personal foul on the WWE Universe for not acknowledging them as the most entertaining tag team in the WWE today. He said every week they have to compete against the Sideline Players and they are the Primetime Players. DY got scared early off by Clay and jumped to Titus' arms in the corner until Titus blew his whistle. DY then got thrown out by Clay and Titus called a time out. Kofi then did a springboard con giro off Brodus' back to the outside. Titus did the PTP's dance in the bodyslam position and that was the only real highlight besides a nice Kofi crossbody before Brodus hit his splash for the win. Slater said the 3MB album will be called "The Gold Album" and one of the songs will be "Hot Mustard" and "The child from the swamp".

Justin Gabriel vs Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins is still alive...and still employed. His last appearance was on Saturday Morning Slam on 9/1/2012 in a squash against Brodus Clay. I'm predicting similar luck for him this time around. Yeah I know, a real brave prediction. Hawkins got a short haircut and he's calling himself "The Party Starter". He started a "You still got it" chant for himself and Slater was like, of course he still got it. Curt hit a really nice Michinoku Driver and Justin followed up with a Blue Thunder Driver. He then hit a 450 splash for the win. The match wasn't bad but was very short. Rating:**3/4

Natalya then interviewed Cody Rhodes about his match with Sheamus on next week's Saturday Morning Slam.
They talked about mustache's with Cody saying Nattie's dad had a great beard. Sheamus made fun of his mustache then Cody went back on his comments about Anvil's mustache.

Overall thoughts: Skippable show here though Gabriel/Hawkins was good.

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