Saturday, February 16, 2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre TV 2/10/2013

WWC Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre TV 2/10/2013

The Sons of Samoa vs Thunder y Lightning
I believe this is what they showed clips of on the previous show. Maybe the Samoan Death Match is next week?
During the match they randomly cut to this for a second. Carlos Colon WRESTLING in 2013?
There was a double pin to end this. The ref somehow counted this for TyL as he held their hands. The match was really too short to say much about it. After the match, a brawl ensued:

Diabolico vs AJ Castillo

Diabolico got the win with a Curtain Call. Not a bad match here. Diabolico loves his chinlocks but it gives the fans a chance to get into the face. AJ was a little akward here and took a hard senton bump above.

Baseball Bat on a Pole Match - Ray Gonzalez vs Savio Vega
Rey Fenix arrives,  but Ray Gonzalez is Rey Fenix....
Ray Gonzalez won by DQ(in a bat match?) when Rey Fenix interfered. Pretty good match up to that point though. Savio Vega man pretty much has the wrestler of the month award wrapped up right now. Heck, he could even win Wrestler of the Year. He is just so awesome. The man gets it. He took two really nice bumps off the ropes here and he is just a great sleazy heel. Step aside Tanahashi, let Savio Vega show you how it's done. Rating:***
Ray Gonzalez cut a promo after. No, I can't understand it, but he namedropped Carlito and I'm guessing he is the suspected fake Rey Fenix.

CARLOS COLON vs Savio Vega
Carlos Colon is age 64 and Savio Vega is age 48.
Carlito Caribbean Cool runs in, to help his dad, right?
Ray Gonzalez gets him some

Carlos Colon blades? Carlos Colon blades. CARLOS COLON BLADES! AT AGE 64!

Invader runs in!

Savio Vega got the win when Invader interfered. Aw man this was good. Seriously. Carlos Colon is still Carlos Colon in 2013 and Savio Vega is my pick fo Wrestler of the Year so far. They didn't show too much but what they showed looked phenomenal. The wrestlers simply stuck to what works. None of this flippy-do crap. Hate, solid punches, run-in's, awesome heat and blood. This is pro wrestling right here. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: This weekend was a home run for WWC. God these shows were so much fun. Must see stuff.

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