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TNA Impact Wrestling 2/28/2013 Results and Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 2/28/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Bully said Hulk was "messed up really bad".

Bully said he was pissed off at Ace's but was happy be back at the Impact Zone. He said he would get his hands so bad on Devon that he would never want to get in the ring again.

He brought out Jeff Hardy.
Bully said he didn't want a title shot because he is related to Hulk and felt there were better choices than him.
Hardy brought up their history in TLC matches.

Daniels called Bully Ray – Bully Raymond and Kaz said someone needed to rub tanning lotion on Brooke Hogan’s butt and tweet tasteless photos of her, so it might as well be Bully. Then they all got into a brawl. My internet went out here. Side note, if you are ever considering Comcast internet. Stay far away from it. It’s awful.

Sting talked in the back with Magnus:
Magnus wanted to be on Team TNA at Lockdown and said Sting was a mentor for him.

Knockouts title - Tara vs Velvet Sky

Gail Kim was at the booth. Now that is an upgrade over Taz. She was accusing the ref, the former Tiffany, of screwing her over last week.
Jesse gets tossed out
Velvet Sky won with the sit out pedigree. Really quick match here with Velvet getting the win. Gail Kim ripped apart Tyrell's officiating and was 100% correct on it. Can we get her instead of Taz every week? Please?

Aries was talking to Bobby Roode on the phone, who was out at a photo shoot. Chavo then popped in and said he should worry about his match with Hernandez tonight instead.

RVD got King to a agree to a Title vs Out of the X Division Match.

Austin Aries vs Hernandez
Aries won with a chain. Good match with Aries showing charisma and bumping all over, making Hernandez look great. Aries teased leaving then using the title but Hernandez got the title and the ref took it away and that's when he used the chain. I really enjoyed this one and just showed the greatness of Aries. Rating:***

Sting was showing Park what a rib is and Park wanted in the cage match at Lockdown.

X Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King
If King loses, he's out of the X Division.
Amazing bridging german suplex by Rob Van Dam

Kenny King won the X-Division Title in an upset with his finishing hold, which is like a reverse F-5. Good match with a botched finish. RVD went for a 450 (!) but missed. King then jumped on him to pin him but the ref counted 2. He tried to lift RVD up but collapsed some then hit his finisher for the win. A shame as this was *** minus the messed up finish.

Sting and Kurt Angle talked backstage with Angle seeing Sting's team roster. Angle didn't like it and questioned someone being in, but Sting said desperate times call for desperate measures. Presumably the mystery person is Joseph Park.

Hulk had knee surgery and posted a scar of it from twitter. Taz said it was photoshopped.

Ace's and 8's came out for a promo:

Devon questioned Sting's recruiting and said that Sting was drinking Hogan's Kool-Aid.
Wes Brisco was not out for this, but I guess it is because he has a match already.
Devon said his crew would win at Lockdown.

Sting announced his team:
He announced Samoa Joe for his team, James Storm, Magnus and the returning Eric Young.
Everyone got into it with the faces coming out strong. Well, I'm surprised by Young as I was sure it would be Joseph Park.

They announced Ivelisse Velez as the gut check challenger for tonight. She was on Tough Enough.
She talked about her mom and her not getting along and her living off the streets. She said she was hottest female talent around. Hmm. Kana and Yuhi disagree. Ivelisse wasn't that impressive in Tough Enough and the case could be made that she is getting this shot because she used to be in the WWE, through Tough Enough. She speaks Spanish which I'm sure TNA likes but so did Sarita, Ayako Hamada  and Rosita and all of them are gone. She's currently under contract with AAA from Mexico anyway, which I review weekly here. Hopefully Faby Apache shows her real talent sometime.

Kurt followed Ace's backstage:

They then showed a girl named Lei'D Tapa for the gut check challenge:
Lei'D Tapa said she's a niece to Konga the Barbarian. Konga the Barbarian was the Barbarian from the WWF and the Faces of Fear.
 She cried, which is definitely not Tongan when she heard that The Barbarian was proud of her.

Ivelisse Velez vs Lei'D Tapa
They said Ivelisse had a MMA fight for tommorow but cancelled it. Tapa they said was from Tonga.
Ivelisse Velez beat Lei'D Tapa with Jun Akiyama's King Crab Hold which is a Guillotine with the legs hooked. Decent match. Ivelisse did a bunch of submissions which no one else does and actually stood out. Lei'D Tapa is huge. Not fat but she's big. Not sure of her actual height but she has a fro that adds a few inches. I would totally be up for a Lei'D Tapa and Tamina Snuka tag team. The Female Samoan Swat Team? Sign me up.

Austin Aries went to see Jeff Hardy in the back. He saw Hardy doing squats and said he should do Hardy squats, which he said were squats with the Jeff Hardy pointing pose. That was hilarious. He then said he wanted Hardy to win as Bully Ray was in Hogan's pocket just as Hardy used to be. Jeff laughed it off.

They interviewed AJ Stylez's wife:
She talked about how AJ has changed with all of the Claire Lynch stuff. The highlight here was a newspaper article they showed that revealed that AJ stands for Allen Jones. Allen Jones Stylez doesn't have the same ring to it. The wife then said this was too personal and left.
AJ was caught on camera and said, "You guys just don't get it, do you?". He then rode away on a motorcycle.

Robbie E came out to talk and said there was a bigger and better bro and called out Rob Terry:
He said he crossed the line slapping him and said he risked their friendship. They had a bro-off.
He said Terry was the Bro-Off champion. When Robbie T danced, Robbie E came up from behind and hit him with the VIP sign to turn on him. I liked the Robbie's. Robbie E is pretty great overall and is on a WWE level. Terry has a unique look and has shown some charisma, but I don't know where he is in ring now.
Aries tried to mess with Bully Ray backstage and he wasn't having any of it. He tried to say he was cheering for him but Bully didn't buy it.

Bad Influence vs Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray

Faces got the win with the Swanton. Nothing too special here but decent enough.

Kurt Angle got into the Ace's clubhouse in the back and unmasked someone before getting jumped. He played it like the guy played him and said, "How could you?". Who did Kurt Angle unmask? I'm not sure but considering he made it seem like he was a friend, I'm thinking AJ Styles due to AJ changing his persona, being against TNA and wearing the leather jacket on his motorcycle. Joseph Park isn't a bad guess either.

Overall thoughts: Really good show overall with some good wrestling and Austin Aries being Awesome. Check it out!

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