Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best Wrestler and Best Match of January 2013

Best Wrestler of January 2013 and Best Match of January 2013

Best Wrestler of January 2013 - Titan (CMLL)
After having my current MOTY and a 5-star match, it was hard not to vote Titan as the Best Wrestler of January 2013. He continued his success with being involved in 2 other good matches later in the month and it pretty much engraved his name in the award. He should be a huge part of CMLL in 2013 and I can't wait to see what else he can do.

The Big Show - The Big Show was in the second best match of January 2013 in the first Alberto Del Rio/Big Show Last Man Standing Match. The match was truly great. It had a nice story to it, the heat was good, they were stiff and it was just really well done overall. I absolutely loved the match and it surely would have won the best match of the month award in any other month. Big Show then followed it up with another decent Last Man Standing Match against Alberto Del Rio at The Royal Rumble. He's been a good character lately and he's been overall a great wrestler, so make sure to watch out for him.

Ricky Banderas/El Mesias - Ricky has to be given credit for carrying Apolo to some decent stuff. He really put out some nice performances this month in WWC and he was definitely a contender.

Savio Vega - Savio Vega has brought 1980's wrestling back and truly has been a great pro wrestler. He's played his character perfectly and he's been involved in some pretty good stuff at the end of January and the beginning of February. He's currently on my shortlist for best wrestler of February 2013 and he really deserves credit. Absolutely no one is talking about him due to WWC's small popularity and he is probably the winner of the most underrated wrestler at this point.

Mascara Dorada - He simply makes every match he is in better and there's no question about it. He could be the best flyer in CMLL right now and I always look forward to his matches. He was involved in some nice trios matches and he had a great looking match with Polvora that unfortunately was really clipped.

Best Match of January 2013 - Titan vs Polvora - CMLL 1/1/2013 - Rating:*****
Who would have ever guessed that two midcarders from CMLL would have had the best match of the month, yet alone on the first day of the year! Their match was flawless. They hit everything perfectly, they ended each fall at the right time and they made what could have been a throw away match, a classic. Dean Rasmussen of DVDVR brought up how this was about as good as you could do in Lucha without brawling and I thought it was right on the money. This also had some pretty big moves in it and the technical wrestling was good as well. Non-lucha fans even took notice of this and I hope it can hold up for the rest of the year because what would be sweeter than having the MOTY on the first day of the year?

Last Man Standing - Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show - WWE Smackdown 1/11/2013 - Rating:****1/2
This was built to be a classic and indeed was. It had an awesome story to it with ADR trying to take out Show's arm and I loved the little nuances like ADR saving himself from the 10-count by rolling to the outside and ADR finally putting down Show by throwing a table on top of him. The heat was great and they really pulled out all the stops. As I mentioned elsewhere, this would have been the match of the month during any other month.