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WWE Smackdown 9/28/2012 Review

WWE Smackdown 9/28/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

"The most dominant and indestructible force is back and I want a title match. My last title reign lasted 45 seconds. Did you hear me? 45 seconds! Do you know what that does to a man with a psyche like me? Do you know how embarassed I was? I had to go and watch the man who beat me for my title, go to Wrestlemania and lose it to Sheamus in 18 seconds."  - The Big Show
"I'm a 9-time world champion and if you think you are going to stand in my way of #10, then you won't be standing much longer". - Randy Orton
"It looks like someone is going to get bit by an RKO or hit with a KO." - Big Show
"You cannot just toss Alberto Del Rio like that. I was cheated by Booker T when he reinstated the Brogue Kick at NOC. I'm better than both of you together. It's the both you perros going to the back of the line." - Alberto Del Rio
ADR then got an RKO to end the segment
United States title: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs Santino Marella
The finish
The Gotch-style Neutralizer

Antonio Cesaro got the win with a Gotch-style Neutralizer in a decent match. Santino almost had it here but missed his top rope headbutt and Cesaro capitalized for the win.

"I've set up a role-playing exercise that will illustrate that outside of a wrestling environment, you and Kane can coexist peacefully." - Dr. Shelby
"How exactly are you planning to do that?" - Daniel Bryan
"Can I take your order?" - Kane
"This is stupid." - Kane
"I would like a steamed vegetable platter and a tag team partner who is not a selfish, psycho
7-foot freak." - Daniel Bryan
"Daniel, remember this is Gerald, he is a friendly waiter. Isn't that right, Gerald?" - Dr. Shelby

"My name is Gerald and I am a waiter and we have a new cook today. You see the old cook was really annoying. He was always getting in my face and taking credit for things he didn't deserve. So you know what I did? This morning, I took the cook by his scraggly goat beard and dunked his head into the deep fryer." - Kane aka Gerald
"And then I took his greasy, fried, scraggly goat beard and sprinkled it into tiny pieces into every meal that I've served today". - Kane aka Gerald
"He's just kidding everybody. Right, Kane?" - Dr. Shelby
" I don't know what you're talking about. My name is Gerald." - Kane aka Gerald

Natalya vs Beth Phoenix
Josh Matthews reported that the person who attacked Kaitlyn at NOC had blonde hair.
"This new found information that has come to light, will garner serious reprocussions." - Eve
Beth after getting slapped
Beth hit the Glam Slam but Natalya kicked out
"Until we know exactly who attacked Kaitlyn at NOC. We have to act rationally. All we know is that the assailant was a blonde. Therefore, until we conclude our investigation, Beth Phoenix, you will be indefinitely suspended." - Eve
"I have nothing to do with this, don't you dare blame me." - Natalya
Beth Phoenix won with a roll-up from the electric chair position in a very good match. They sold great, worked the sharpshooter well and Beth was really emotional during the match. This is one the better Diva matches I've seen in a long time. Didn't hurt that this is Beth's hometown. Rating:**1/2

"Suspended indefinitely? What are you talking about?" - Booker T
"Does Eve even have the authority to do this?" - Beth Phoenix
"Yes I do, I'm the assistant to the general manager." - Eve
"Oh no you DON'T" - Booker T
"I am the general manager and as of this time, I reverse that decision." - Booker T
"You didn't tell me, but your Senior Advisor did." - Eve
"I haven't told you anything." - Teddy Long
"I should have followed my instincts on this. It's clear Teddy is jealous of your position as GM and he would do whatever it takes to make your administration look incompetent." - Eve
"You're not believing any of this stuff she just said, right?" - Long
"Just give me a minute..I don't know what to think. Give me a minute." - Booker T
Zack Ryder vs Wade Barrett
Wade looks like Stallone
"He calls it the souvenir, something for his opponent's to remember Wade by." - Cole
Wade Barrett got the win with a stiff souvenir. Ryder didn't totally get squashed here and looked okay against Wade, but we knew who was winning here. This was quick and to the point.

"I can't believe he's sitting us here until we work out our issues. It's impossible." - Daniel Bryan
"I agree" - Kane
"And you hit another one, and another one and another one.." - Kane
"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" - Daniel Bryan (on his destruction of everyone with Kane last week)
"I'll have exactly what they're having." - Mae Young
"The world premier of MIZ TV. This show is revolutionary, it's extraordinary, it's..." - The Miz
Sheamus then came out.
Miz basically accused Sheamus of not taking the belt seriously. Sheamus talked about his background and how he's willing to fight, and this took atleast 10 minutes to get to.

Dolph and Vickie then came out and talked for a few minutes.
"If I do win and you feel like cashing in that contract, who knows fella, you may get lucky." - Sheamus
Sheamus hit Miz first, so Ziggy got involved
Sheamus ended up throwing them out while destroying the set
"I think MizTV has now been cancelled on two networks." - Michael Cole
They did a small video package on Sandow, with him insulting people.
#1 Contenders to the Tag Titles - The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs The Rhodes Scholars - Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes got the win with the Cross Roads. This went less than 2 minutes as the heels won in quick fashion. Nothing to report at all in this.
"Your pasta sir." - Waitress to DB
"Your salad sir" - Waitress to Kane
"I want you each to take one bite to feel how the other feels." - Dr. Shelby
Didn't Daniel Bryan order a vegetable platter?
"Daniel, No, no, no, no." - Dr. Shelby
"Bluhhhhhh." - Daniel Bryan
"Waiter, check please!" - Kane
"And the behemoth Tensai has been in a bad mood all week since being knocked out by The Big Show on Monday." - Josh Matthews
Ryback vs Tensai
Ryback won with his Samoan Drop. Again, there was nothing to it. Tensai got a few headbutts in and took a Ryback lariat, then took the Samoan Drop. I would have liked to have seen a longer match between these two because it could have been interesting.
They cut to the back with Alberto Del Rio attacking Orton by throwing him into the wall twice then hitting hit with the cart shown.
"Looks like Randy Orton will not be able to compete tonight. The one taking his place against you Big Show, is no other than me." - Alberto Del Rio
Orton then hit Alberto from behind and hit him off the WWE logo.
#1 Contenders match: The Big Show vs Randy Orton
"This is why I'm the only one that deserves to be champion." - The Big Show
Show works the claw on Orton's hurt ribs
"That's all it takes" - Big Show after hitting a sidewalk slam
We got a promo during the commercial with CM Punk for Hell in the Cell:
"I don't wanna beat you, I want you to quit. Quit. Give up." - The Big Show
The Big Show won this with two straight chokeslams. This was an awesome match. Orton sold wonderfully and the camera's captured it all. Show was a huge jerk here showing Orton that he wanted to inflict pain without worrying about winning. This was mostly a long beatdown, but it was well done. This is one of the best performances I've seen of either man. Truly a great match. Rating:***3/4

After the match, Show hit the knockout punch to knock Orton out:

Overall thoughts: This was a very good show. No great matches aside from the main, which was indeed great, but there were some good angles with Beth almost getting fired and the Daniel Bryan and Kane segment being awesome. Definitely check this out.

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