Thursday, September 20, 2012

GLOW Disk 11 Part 1

21 Girl $10,000 Battle Royale featuring:
Attache, Col. Ninotchka, The Heavy Metal Sisters, The Soul Patrol, Angel, Dementia, Hollywood and Vine, Mana the Head Hunter, Palestina, Little Egypt, Tara the Southern Belle, Tina Ferrari, Ashley Cartier, The California Doll, Amy the Farmer's Daughter, Susie Spirit and Mt. Fiji.
"I'd know their faces anywhere." -Headlock on Fiji grabbing Hollywood and Vine
This stunk, but Tina won last eliminating Colonel Ninotchka. It went about 9+ minutes and trust me, it was way too long.

"Matilda's broken alot of records in her time." - Ashley
"And even more mirrors." - Tina
"I can't believe people are writing Amy the Farmer's Daughter for dating tips." - Spanish Red
"I know, it's like asking Mt. Fiji for diet tips." - Ninotchka
"The other wrestlers can't compete, before too long they will be beat. And even though I may be little, I'm the answer to the Sphinx's riddle." - Little Egypt
Little Egypt vs Attache
Egypt's magic carpet ride
The finish
Attache won with the pin above. Yeah, this was not good at all. This was mostly all Egypt dancing with very little else. However, the crowd loved Attache, so there was some heat for this.
"The lone girls save defeat, they just mad that they can't be beat. They say we steal so we live in jail, but our Aunt Kitty be there with bail." - The Soul Patrol
Mt Fiji and Little Fiji vs The Soul Patrol and Angel
"The Soul Patrol are so tough they beat up their food." - Tara
"So they whip their eggs?" - Miles
"No, but their food has black eyes." - Tara
Angel uses her helmet to headbutt Fiji and doesn't get DQ'd, nor do the Soul Patrol for using baton's.
Adore puts a stocking on Mt's head and the other sprays Little Fiji
The Fiji's won after Mt dropped Little on all three of their opponents. I didn't mind this except for the obvious breaking of rules in front of the ref. It was pretty entertaining to be honest.

Little Egypt and Little Fiji vs Matilda the Hun
Matilda gets put in a net
The girls then played monkey in the middle with Matilda's fox skin.
Matilda spanks Little fiji
Matilda sat on both of them to get the pin. The girls deserved the abuse for stealing the fox. I was totally on Matilda's side for this. This is GLOW and this was goofy of course, but I kind of liked Matilda's bullying.

"Spanish Red is always complaining about her health. Do you think tape would help?" - Americana
"Sure, I'll put some over her mouth." - The Doctor
"That Susie Spirit is too sweet." - Colonel Ninotchka
"I know, Palestina cut her and sugar came out." - Spanish Red
"Welcome to the entertainment capital of the world for the first ever GLOW Games." - McLane
Tug of War:
"The Good Gals, Stallone's Sweethearts." - McLane
Kitty's Killers
The Good Girls Lose and Little Fiji takes a swim
Kitty's Killers then pushed Fiji in the mud again after.
"Palestina,  thinks she's suspicious, I'll beat her into submission. The bad girls will be lost and lonely, because this rings for locals only." - The California Doll
Palestina vs The California Doll
Palestina throws sand
This ended in a double count out. I swear this was awesome. It was like every drunken bar fight you've ever seen between two girls. The Doll really brought the hate here. This was one of the better things I've ever seen out of GLOW.

"You've found a woman with an endless supply of information? How can we get her to work for us? By writing her a letter? What is this woman's name?" - Colonel Ninotchka
"Keep this up Vladimir and I will find you a new job in show buisness, as a road manager for the flea cirus." - Colonel Ninotchka
"Pineapple Pizza is oh so yummy, that is what I put in my tummy. Shells are pretty and I love pearls, nothing but the best, for this GLOW girl." - Mt. Fiji 
Attache and Angel vs Mt. Fiji
"We're gonna kill Mt. Fiji." - Attache
Mt Fiji won after slamming Little Fiji onto her opponents. I don't know why, but GLOW handicap matches are better than straight matches. This was entertaining as the heels tied both Fiji's up and used weapons. Then Attache took that crazy bump. Good stuff.
They then closed it out with some of the usual one liners with the Soul Patrol claiming that Amy the Farmer's Daughter was so dumb that she got tipsy at a salad bar.


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