Saturday, September 22, 2012

XNWA Chilean Wrestling - XL vs Kaiser

Chilean Wrestling - XL (Xtra Large) vs Kaiser

Kaiser is from LWA in Peru(Thanks to Momo ConApellido).

I've never seen Chilean Wrestling before in my life, but I think I need to start watching now. This was a really awesome match. Kaiser is like a poor-man's Misawa and if all of us do indeed have Peruvian dopplegangers, I think Kaiser is Misawa's. They did a great King's Road style match here with things starting off light then becoming stiff and brutal.  The best part is when they do a big move there is Kane-style pyro that goes off from the entrance making it 100x cooler. They linked all their moves together so well in this and really transitioned this into a great match. This is how you do a classic AJPW style match. This is definitely must see and one of the better matches of 2012.  Rating:****

GIF's from the match (XL=Black, Kaiser=Green):
The Rubix Cube!

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