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WWE Smackdown 9/21/2012 Review

WWE Smackdown 9/21/2012 Review

Edge came out with his short hair to a nice reaction. He looks younger than he ever did for the last decade. He pimped his show Haven. Edge was pretty shocked by the Kane/DB hug from Monday. He asked how they were tag team champions since he was one. DB came out to a monster pop. He's the most over guy on the roster, even more so than Cena.

DB yelled, "I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS". He said he's one with his emotions, which Edge doubted. Edge said "Excuse me" and DB quoted Dr. Shelby and said that this phrase reminded him of Vickie Guerrero. He then quotes Edge's theme music and asked if anyone "truly knows you".

DB told Edge to go back to retire and that he was a redwood that cannot be snapped. Edge goaded DB into a YES/NO debate until DB started screaming NO. Kane then came out.

Cole said DB is not a redwood but a weeping willow. Kane and DB both yelled, "I'M THE TAG TEAM CHAMPION" and Edge broke it up. Edge said that Kane is not Barney the Big Red Dinosaur. Well, Barney isn't either as he's purple. Edge brought up his history with Kane that mentioned Kane tombstoning Edge's ex-wife's priest.

Kane said that he needs to clear this sutation and instead of beating up Edge, offered to hug him. Kane hugged Edge while Edge looked scared. DB then started yelling NO. Edge and Kane invited DB for a hug and he looked surprised. He went in for the hug and Damien Sandow came out.

Sandow did not approve of hugging it out and compared the crowd to canine's. Edge said that he could watch Kane/DB hugging it out the whole show, but he had enough of Sandow in 30 seconds. Edge tried to get Sandow to come down and face DB or Kane and asked the crowd which one they wanted to see. This resulted in a three way arguement which was really funny.

Kane vs Damien Sandow
WWE is rocking the pink middle ropes and Sandow is wearing light purple.
Sandow played around outside early and DB yelled, "I'm the tag team champion" at him. Kane hit his usual moves and was going for the chokeslam until DB and him argued over who was the tag team champion. Sandow hit his neckbreaker from behind and got the win. DB celebrated while Kane was angry in defeat.

Cole and Josh talked about Breast Cancer and mentioned that is why the middle ropes are pink and that is why there is a Susan G. Komen marker on the ramp. I wondered this during my Superstars review, so it's good to know.

They pimped Saturday Morning Slam with CM Punk tommorow, which I will be covering.

Kane was upset backstage and said he would tear DB's goat beard off his face. DB appeared from nowhere and objected to being called a goat. Dr. Shelby got involved and tried to calm them down. Shelby made Kane promise not to rip off DB's beard if DB gives back Kane's title belt. Shelby asked Kane if he would feel better if he talked to Booker T about a DB match tonight.

Alberto Del Rio was in the back reading a book in Booker T's office. Booker came in and he called him a coward. He said it's because Booker allowed the Brogue Kick. Booker told him it's his lucky night because he will be teaming with Ziggler against Sheamus and Orton. ADR then threw Booker's book.

Eve came out with the divas title and was at the commentary booth.

Natalya vs Layla
Layla had some pretty cool gear on and it was quite shiny. Natalya went for the sharpshooter early and got pushed out of it. Layla then hit a neckbreaker out of nowhere to take it. This was stupid and a waste of time, especially since both have been good lately. They teased that Eve had something to do with Kaitlyn's injury.

Ricardo Rodriguez came out and announced ADR.
Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton and Sheamus
The crowd was into this but I really wasn't. Orton went for Ziggler and Ziggler went to the outside. ADR hit Orton with the backstabber from behind but couldn't get the win. Sheamus ending up hitting Ziggler with the Brogue Kick for the win.

Daniel Bryan appeared in ring which is due to Dr. Shelby suggesting that DB get a match for the night.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes
DD was going for the NO lock when Kane came out in full entrance. He even made the ringposts shoot flames while DB was having the match. Cody hit DB with the Cross Roads while DB was distracted to get the win. A total nothing match.

Kane and DB argued in the back about Kane setting off the pyro. Kane said it was revenge for DB's screwing around in the Kane/Sandow match. DB said Kane belonged in a dark basement with his shiny hair. Kane then said DB belonged in a petting zoo. They then asked what Sandow and Rhodes were looking at.

Cody said they were a joke and DB was angered by it. Kane and DB yelled out a challenge in unison to the team. Kane and DB then argued who the team was scared of.

Brodus Clay vs Heath Slater
My report on this part got deleted but McIntyre and Mahal came in and beat up on Clay. Josh said that he didn't think Drew and Jinder knew each other, but they just had a match that aired on today on Superstars(The review of it is here: ). I'm just glad they are doing something with Drew, but I don't think it's going to be great.

Antonio Cesaro vs Santino Marella
Cesaro lost via roll-up and dumped Aksana. Aksana went for the cobra and distracted the ref on accident. Cesaro went to see what's up and Santino got him. This was unexpected and I wonder what's going on here.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes vs Kane and Daniel Bryan
A bunch of tag teams like Kidd/Gabriel, The PTP's and the Uso's were around the ring. Cole suggested that they were scouting Kane/DB. Kane got the early advtange overpowering Sandow. DB then tagged himself in and he argued with Kane about it. kane later hit the chokeslam on Sandow only to get hit in the back with a chair from Cody. DB took the chair though from Cody after the first shot and actually saved Kane. DB went for the chair shot on Cody but Kane just stared at him. DB offered the chair to Kane and Kane nailed Cody Rhodes with it. DB and Kane both smiled at each other and took turns nailing Sandow with chairs. All of the tag teams at ringside stared and Kane went after them. Kane threw them in the ring and DB chaired them. They cleared house on everyone with chairs. Kane then got the tag belts and offered DB one. They held up the belts and the chairs together to a nice pop. Kane and DB then argued to end the show.

Overall thoughts: This was all Kane-Daniel Bryan and nothing else. That's all you need to see here and if you like this storyline, you won't regret it.

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