Friday, September 21, 2012

WWE Superstars 9/20/2012

WWE Superstars 9/20/2012

Ted Dibiase vs JTG
This is the return of Ted to Superstars. He had a knee injury and needed shoulder surgery along with a broken wrist. That sucks.
Dibiase won with the Dream Street. This wasn't good. JTG really sucks on his own and the crowd was pretty dead for this. It was a battle of two guys nobody cared about. JTG is really screwed though because he looks like every other guy and looked like he gained weight.

Jinder Mahal vs Drew McIntyre
Weird to see a heel vs heel match here. Stanford said this is the first time they wrestled each other and he's probably right.
Drew took an armringer off the top and did a hard flip from it. We got the infamous USA chant here, even though neither guy is billed from it.
Drew won with his double arm DDT. Strangely, Drew worked face here. Nobody told the crowd though. This may have been the least heated match I've ever seen, and I'm being very honest here. The crowd didn't care at all, which actually hurt an okay. The story of it involved Jinder working Drew's hurt wrist. Good match, bad heat. Rating:*3/4

David Otunga vs Tyson Kidd
Otunga won here with a standing spinebuster in basically a squash. This is really surprising since he is usually the one getting squashed. Then again, everything has been odd on this show so far. Otunga did a pounce and very little else en route to winning here.
The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs The Prime Time Players
"Answer the question, Can you continue?" - Titus
The PTP's won with a Demolition Decapation. Like all the matches tonight, this one had no heat whatsoever and suffered because of it. The crowd wasn't into anything here and due to the extensive commercials, I had a hard time getting into it. The only real highlight of this besides Titus telling one of the Uso's to answer the ref's question about giving up was Titus hitting a sweet lariat on the floor.

Overall thoughts: Skip this one. The crowd was dead and everything suffered because of it. You absolutely need heat to make wrestling work, but it was not here. Add in the weird face vs face and heel vs heel matches and you are creating a recipe for disaster.

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