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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/22/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 9/22/2012 Review

Today they will focus on the Intercontinental Title.

Today's exclusive match is Zack Ryder vs William Regal.

Saturday Morning Spotlight - The Miz
They showed some different Miz clips including his Michael Jackson impersonation. Nothing really to see here.

They did a focus on the Intercontinental Title. They showed Pat Patterson, The Ultimate Warrior, Chris Jericho and The Honky Tonk Man who they said had the longest reign. They then went on to talk about Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3.

Pop Quiz - Who did Randy Savage beat at Wrestlemania 4 to win the WWF title?
A)Hulk Hogan
B)Andre the Giant
C)Ted Dibiase

William Regal vs Zack Ryder - Santino Marella and Josh Matthews on commentary
I'm curious to see what they can do with Regal if he can't do any head or neck moves. Zack offered a fist bump and Regal said, "How dare you?". Awesome. They each tried to get the bigger reaction from the crowd with Zack winning. Regal said to Santino, "I've got this". Santino said, "Oh no you don't". Then they repeated that until Regal got rolled up. Regal is actually in not that bad of shape right now but his black singlet makes him look alot heavier. Ryder went for the Broski Boot, but Regal rolled out and we went to commercial.

We came back and got a don't try this at home with Zack Ryder. Regal and Ryder worked a test of strength and Zack did a little more work on the arm. They then traded some arm submissions and reversals. Ryder then hit a Rough Ryder leg lariat for the win, which I'm surprised was allowed.

This was a good match. It had a little bit of everything and was a nice technically sound match. It just goes to show you that smart wrestling can work in any situation. Rating:**

They showed a Make A Wish segment with John Cena. Cena said that he is not just a WWE superstar, activist and a rap artist.

They revealed the answer to the pop quiz which of course was Ted Dibiase.

To end the show, they said next week will feature John Cena and Physical Health and Fitness Day.  They also had the Miz give tips on how to be awesome. These included:
1) Dress the part
2) Walk the part
3) Listen to naysayers
4) Be loud! Be heard!
5) Be Awesome!

Overall thoughts: This was a good Saturday Morning Slam. The one featured match was good and I liked the feature on the Interncontinental Title.

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